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Change from one group of effects to another group of effects in A/B fashion and change the channel on your two channel amp all at the same time. Step on the "loop 1+2" switch to combine loops with either channel at any time. Step on the "Bypass" to bypass any loop or both loops at anytime.

Say you want an EQ to come on only on the drive channel of your amp and a chorus and delay to come on only on the clean channel of your amp.

Connect the EQ in loop 1 and the chorus and delay in loop 2.

Connect a cABle to your channel switching jack on your amp to "Channel" on the loop-Master.

If the effect(s) that you want in one loop are on but is on the wrong channel, flip the "Line Polarity" switch once and you're calibrated.

Works with any amp that requires a single 1/4" mono cABle for switching channels. If in doubt, see your amp dealer or contact your amp manufacturer. (If you have an amp that uses TRS, you will need a stereo cABle and a stereo to dual-mono connector for this to work. Let me know if you need either or both items)

Will also work as a stand alone channel Switcher or a stand alone Clean/Dirty Switcher.

DIMENSIONS: 4.7" X 3.7" X 1.18".

INGREDIENTS: Aluminum enclosure, 22 Gauge Silver Plated Military Spec. Wiring, Switchcraft jacks, and your choice of colors for your LEDs.

In the comments section of checkout, choose from: Aqua, amber, blue, red, green, yellow, or white. Assign as:

loop 1 > Amber

loop 2 > Green


No extra charges will be added. I just haven't had the time to list the led colors for this model yet.

LEDS: For the 9V DC Jack, these units require a 9V AC adapter with a Boss/Ibanez style 2.1mm barrel plug. If you do not have one, we have these in the "Accessories" section. (Unit will work without LED's. The LED circuit in any loop-Master™ unit does not affect tone.)