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You don't want a switcher that you *think* will be great. You want one that you *know* will be great. Proof is here and goes back years and years.



Received my pedals today thank you very much. Solid, functional and beautifully made little units. All the best for the future.

Thanks again Jon



I got the box today, it works perfect. I want to thank you for incredibly fast, helpful responses, and it’s really extra that you got it to me so fast. Thank you so much and take care.

Sincerely, Michael VH


Got the looper today Brian, man it sounds fantastic. It seems my tone sounds more open and ballsy with the new looper. There might have been some added resistance or something with the old switches I don’t know but there is a substantial difference for the better with this new one. Thank you! - Len


Hi Brian, All I can say is WOW! It was worth the wait. Absolutely no tonal color. Thank you so much!

Thanks, Danny Harrel


Hi Brian, I just want to let you know how pleased I am with my bypass pedal. I play pedal steel and am very particular about my tone. I looped in an EHX Synth pedal and had zero tone coloration when bypassed. I’ve tried other pedals but your bypass pedal is the real deal. It was worth the wait. I would like to share my experience with others on your great product.

Thanks again.

Danny Harrell Steel Guitarist Livingston, LA.


Hi there

Just to let you know that the switchers arrived this morning and wow, are they worth the wait!! FANTASTIC quality, totally noiseless operation and pure tone...brilliant. - Peter Clothier

Just need to tell you, thanks for the great products you make!! My 6 loop w/ tuner & bypass was stolen, (along with my board) a couple years ago. and I NEED another Loop-Master strip!!!! Keep it up! I always freaked people out when showing them my Loop strip.... - Jeff O'Connor
hey brian, got the A/B box today, it's perfect. thanks! - Corky James
Will have to say that you do excellent work. I got the unit Saturday. I hooked it up and used it live Sunday morning at Church.

Thanks a ton. I will be recommending you to others. - Jonathan Yanes

Just a shout out to say the 10 looper I got is sooo bad ass! I have jealous friends. Makes life much easier on the board and my tone is clear as a bell. That’s the first thing I noticed. (After the tuner out killer purple LED.) Great stuff. Thanks again.

Happy Customer in CT - Kerry Lord

Love the A/B / Both - totally silent, rockin'!! thx - Craig Paddock

Just received your pedal and I love it !!!thank you for your patience, I appreciate it. you really make a great product that was just what i needed. thank you! - peter andrew

Pedal arrived, looks great, setting up pedal board tonight. Another happy camper!
John Porterfield

Hi Brian and Company,
I've used your products for over 12 years and have been quite happy with the reliability/build quality of each item used during that time. But most of all... my tone and guitar signal has been the highest quality from start to finish in the signal chain. With over 10 pedals in my chain, your pedal loopers and switchers have always been very instrumental in keeping my signal pure and toneful.
Thanks again for being so flexible and patient while ordering this build. Guitar players with many effects are always trying to push their pedal real estate to the maximum. There is never enough room on that pedal board for everything, but this custom looper pedal build in a small footprint reaches my needs and desires in many ways.
I'm excited.... can't wait until it is completed.
Nigel Moo Choy

Hey bud, my loop master 10 just showed up and I just wanted to let you know that it's obvious why these are the best in the business. Thanks for putting so much into making this for me. So happy. - Jacob Reeves

Big thanks to you guys over there at Loop-master Pedals! Well worth the wait. - Brian Corvers

( 3 way patcher) This is a handy little unit for cleaning up cables coming into and out of the pedal board. Very well built and very small. This is small enough to fit underneath my PedalTrain and light enough to securely attach with velcro. I would definitely recommend this to anyone needing to clean up cable entrance and exit points. - Mackinley Sim

(4 loop w/tuner out & master bypass) This looper was well worth the wait. I'm impressed with the build quality and the function of the unit. This is exactly what I needed to clean things up on my board and make switching just a little bit easier. I would recommend that anyone considering a looper would purchase it from Loop Master. In addition, I think having the Master Bypass is very very useful. This function is great for pre-engaging multiple loops and then engaging them all at once. Thank you Loop Master! It's very likely I will be placing more orders at some point! - Mackinley Sim

(ABY Box) I use it for switching between instruments. Like the colors, Amber for A, Blue for B and Y for Yellow. Nice and bright. Silent, even at high volume. Took a while to get here, but I'm happy. I wish they made some simple volume pedals, like with a mini knob. Anyway ... this was a good purchase and I highly recommend. - Ricard Brainiac

Hi! I just received my micro patcher order and popped them right away into my signal chain. Exactly what I was hoping for! Solid build and zero tone messin'- thanks very much! - Paul Fuchs

Just wanted to let you know I received my looper and it's perfect! Thanks again for the great deal!!!
Mathew Peluso

Brian, I just received my 8 looper w/Tuner and BP. It was so worth the wait!! 8 pedals in the mix, I barely made time to e-mail you and thank you as I was enjoying myself so much. I will have plenty to create as I wait for the next order.
Thanks again.
Paul G. Johnson

Hey Brian- Thanks for rushing my pedal out as quickly as you did! It truly is an awesome piece of gear that I really needed. It's built solid and looks and works great! I'll send some pictures when my board is done if you'd like. Colin Whinnery

Have a 6 loop Loop master looper. They are freaking awesome. Love mine. - Tony Gabriel

The lil' thang (referring to Y Splitter) came in and it rocks. It should get an engineering award for simplicity of design and clean function. You're a genius. Two wires? How cool is that?!? It's not a "pedal" but has become one of my favorite pedals! I've got it between my analogue stereo delay and two amps spread FAR apart. Serious ear-candy! I even named it: I call it "Abob" (for "A B Oh Boy").
Thank you Brian. I've been telling folks about you. Hopefully it'll lead to some business coming your way. GO Loop-Master Pedals!!!
Very Best from Bill in NM

I received my pedal and it works great! Thanks so much for the fast shipment and making a pedal specifically for what I need!! - Jonathan Bouknight

Hey Brian- I just wanted to say thanks for the great job you guys did on my pedal! It's really cool! I'm going to be getting another in the near future. - Frank DeBressi

Your customer service is hands down one of the best in the business! Have a great weekend! - Patrick Mathews

A clean pedal board is a happy pedal board.....thanks guys! - John Cummins

Thank you for the great loop switcher! Exceptional customer service as well.... - Rich Kovnat

Just wanted to let you know how happy I am with your Clean/Dirty Effect Switcher w/Master Bypass! It really changed my approach to my board. Thanks for such a great pedal! I’ll be back for more! - Jakob Reinhardt

Hi Brian, I sent you a Pic of my PB with the switcher. Worth the wait! I'm really enjoying it,makes a big difference! Thanks again, Gary Hagen
Audio Fanzine Review

I love my new Loop-Master! It was built exactly as I ordered and the quality is very impressive! I needed it more for easy switching plus less wear and tear on the switches of my pedals but I can honestly hear an improvement in my tone! Due to the true bypass features of this looper, all of my modulation effects are no longer affecting my tone when not in use. I never realized how much they were sucking the life out of my tone until I hooked up my Loop-Master! - Sunn Sational (facebook)

Hi there, last week I received my 5 looper w/Tuner-Out. I just wanted to thank you for this awesome piece of work. Just like I ordered and really built like a tank.
Re-configured my pedalboard, and now with (almost) everything out of the signal path, I cannot believe the clarity added to the sound. Just great! I will sure recommend you further.
Cheers from Bavaria!

Your 8 Looper w/Tuner Out & Master Bypass (Stag.) is the best price of gear I purchased in a long time. Great workmanship! - Robert Kramer

Loop master delivers! - zzzezums (

my 6 loop pedal is like the central nervous system for my board. essential if you want the absolute cleanest tones and you like to have a variety of pedals. love my loop master. - kowalski440 (

Awesome product! Great guy to deal with also. - billyg121 (

Hugely wowed & impressed with my new Loop-Master! Drastic improvement in tone, keeps all the controls in one place, and absolutely bulletproof! Can't thank you enough for building me such a killer unit!! Greetings from Bristol, UK! - Joe Perkins Music

The ABCD Looper works awesome!! thanks for your awesome work. Nobody else does the work you do quite as well.
Best regards - Bill Avonda

Loop Master rules. His products are always exactly what you ordered and he's a nice guy to boot. - lestera3 (

Loop-Master is awesome. Got a mini tap tempo and a 6-looper. Great stuff, no problems, and no drama. - crambone (

I've put several rigs & boards together for clients using boxes from Loop Master, either stuff that they already had or that we've ordered and every single box has lived up to or exceeded expectations! Bomb proof construction & you don't hear it in the chain, no matter how complicated the box is... whats not to love?
I'm simply amazed at what Brian is building over there... simple problem solver solutions that don't suck. I tried a Mxxxxy A/B years & years ago and it lasted about a week before the tone-suck made me ditch it. - from the forum

As far as Loop-Master units go I have to give them 2 thumbs WAY up...I have a few Loop-Master units and I love them! Brian makes a great product. - from the forum

My ABY works perfectly. I use one amp for cleans & one for a volume boost & gain. I use both amps for both clean & gain. The main issue is if I had the A channel on and I was setting up the B I would hear the B while in the A using my previous brand X ABY. The Loop-Master does not do that. In fact I dimed both amps & it was completely isolated to each channel. I also spent a good amount of time switching back & fourth & the switching is also silent, or at least much quieter then the Mxxxxy. So bottom line if any of you are considering a A/B/Y I would highly recommend one of these. They are reasonable and appear to be well built. Most importantly is....... it works as it is supposed to. I finally have each amp completely isolated. Works great! And considering that it was made to order, it only took a few weeks to get it. - from the forum

Thanks for making the best looper out there ! - Roy Ripper Perez

The custom looper arrived today and it's working great. I just played with a pretty big group and there was no problem switching from the acoustic sim back to electric.
The only "problem" is that the effects are much clearer so I have to play better!
Thanks - Tom Stuertz

Got your 5-loop+tuner FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Recommending you to everyone I know. - John Caruana

I just wanted to let you know that the custom ABY pedal did the trick for my piezo bridge/humbucker setup. Everything works fine now. You have a new product to sell to the masses! - Chris Urban

The 9 Looper w/Tuner Out and Bypass finally arrived Today!! wanna let U know.I am very happy with it ,and i say Thanks a lot.Good Things,takes time ;) My best wishes and Greetings from Switzerland - Rene Scheller

Hi Brian, Just wanted to let you know that I received my looper today and I've been working all day on a new board. The looper is great so far, over the moon with it.
Thanks again - Colin

Thanks for great customer support! Loopmaster do care about the guitar players! A nice lookin, well built switchpedal, that will last and help me on gigs for a long time! /Kalle M. in Sweden

Loop-Master makes great stuff. Really dependable. I'm happy with mine. - litepipe (

My loop master switch is very well made - I'm super happy with it. Got tipped to them by Andy Prickett a great player who has 2 or 3 of their boxes on his board. - twp (

I've got 2 Loop-Master boxes on my board. One I've had for 3+ years and the other for just about a year. Both are bullet proof and haven't failed me yet.. - Csapo (

I have 5 loop-master items on my main setup and each one has been flawless. They made tweaks to two of them not listed as options based on my needs and have always responded to emails quickly. - mjtripper (

I've ordered from LoopMaster twice, and I was 100% satisfied both times. The build quality is fantastic. - JRC4558Dude - (

I at least can say Loop-Master's customer service is first class.
I have a loop-master looper that has a led does not work properly in one of the loops. I live in Hong Kong now, and shipping back and forth will cost at least half the looper cost. I emailed them (same day reply) and they send me all the parts needed to fix the led. It took me 30 minutes and now it is working fine. - mbos4115 - (

I like my pedalboard. Thanks for an awesome switcher Loop Master, it made it so I could use this whole setup the way it was supposed to be used. - Jonathan Wolfe

Loop-Masters make life SO much simpler. Thanks for the switches and keep up the good work! - Richard Memczak

Thanks for my new looper!!!! Amazing!!!! - Mario CH

My rig is sounding so clean with my Loop-Master True Bypass Strip. It's a lot easier to use my rig on stage and even in the studio. Literally spent all night doing the finishing touches on my new pedal board so that it's ready for my bands tour to Colorado tomorrow! - No-e Perez

Hiya... I just wanted to let you know my looper arrived and its awesome! Thanks so much! Great job, build quality is beautiful.. its a work of art! - Pete Ratcliffe

Hi, just wanted to say thank you!! I just got my looper and it is way better than I thought! Thank you so much for that. - Johnatan Sanchez Barbosa

Hello. I received my pedal yesterday and I am very happy with it. Great workman ship, great quality and is exactly what I have been looking for. Many thanks and kind regards - Polly Bretherton.

Thank you loop master! Not only does my rig sound amazing, but it looks great too! You guys are amazing at what you do! - Kenny Klostermeyer

After the show, there are always a lot of guys coming and trying to know more about my loop-master clean/dirty channel switcher with combinable loops and tuner out... This device is perfect ! - Benoit Oberson

I have been using my 9 looper, 4 looper with bypass and tuner and my patch bay for about a year now and could not be happier! Thank you so much! - Tony Vega

Brian, I know you guys are really busy so I won't take much of your time, but you guys KILLED IT with this one. It is perfect and the layout is exactly what I needed. Thank you!!! I had to cut a new top for my board to change the layout. It's all routed and I put the felt on last night, so as soon as I put everything back on and cut all new patch cables I will send you guys a picture. Thank you again! - Eric Wagner

Thanks Brian. Awesome looper, and you had a lot of patience with me. I have already recommended you to a few people. - Michael Lepinay

Loving my Loop-Master! - Steve Raguso

Loop-Master, love it! - Andreas Markusson

Finally finished my pedalboard. Love my looper. - Eric Garcia

Finally done wiring the 5 loop w bypass and ABC w bypass. They function great and keep things super quiet even with all that fuzz turned on at once. Thank you! - Tim Merriman

Got my patch bay..kick ass!!!! - Damien Thibodeau

Thanks for being awesome guys. - Dean Tompkins

I have been using my Loop Master for years, it is just a great unit. Never had an issue, switch is as quite as it was when new. I am most pleased! - Stephen Talkovich

Thanks Brian. Awesome looper, and you had a lot of patience with me. I have already recommended you to a few people. - Michael Lepinay

Loving my Loop-Master! - Steve Raguso

Loop-Master, love it! - Andreas Markusson

Finally finished my pedalboard. Love my looper. - Eric Garcia

Finally done wiring the 5 loop w bypass and ABC w bypass. They function great and keep things super quiet even with all that fuzz turned on at once. Thank you! - Tim Merriman

Got my patch bay..kick ass!!!! - Damien Thibodeau

Thanks for being awesome guys. - Dean Tompkins

I have been using my Loop Master for years, it is just a great unit. Never had an issue, switch is as quite as it was when new. I am most pleased! - Stephen Talkovich

Hey Brian, I got my clean/dirty channel switcher with loops, bypass and tuner out a couple of weeks ago. Now I am so happy with it. I've been waiting for it a long time but now it has changed my playing comfort. All my buddies are amazed by it and jealous, because they are all dancing with their pedals or complaining about how much they spent for their gear. Your products are so efficient and well made ! Thank you from me and my pedalboard ! Cheers from Switzerland ! - Benoit Oberson

Got my 4 loop patch bay the other day... works beautifully, and gotta say, super impressed with the stand-up customer service. Awesome, thanks much! - J Chris Lewis-Taggart

Brian, Love the A/B box. Such a simple and practical tool for my tone quest! Thanks. - Dave @ Buffalo Brothers Guitars

My Loop Master has worked exactly as it should going on almost 8 years and thousands of gigs. - Mike7 (

I have 5 loop-master items on my main setup and each one has been flawless. They made tweaks to two of them not listed as options based on my needs and have always responded to emails quickly. - mjtripper (

I've got 2 Loop-Master boxes on my board. One I've had for 3+ years and the other for just about a year. Both are bullet proof and haven't failed me yet... - Caspo (

My loop master switch is very well made - I'm super happy with it. Wait to get it was about 3 weeks. Got tipped to them by Andy Prickett a great player who has 2 or 3 of their boxes on his board. - TWP (

Very happy with my 3 loop Loopmaster pedal. It has at least 200 gigs on it, is beat to hell and still works perfectly. - Phoghat (

Hi Brian!
I've been very busy, so I really apologize for not writing before.
I wanted to share my testimonial about the isolated patch bay you made for me on my last purchase.
Man, i got to tell you, I'm getting crystal clear sound from my rack! The patch is making a bridge between a power amp and a graphic eq. And despite the thing is there and the added cable for the connection i don't have any noise. I mean, it's pure sound free of static, hum and hiss.
So thanks a lot Brian!, this was a huge improvement for my rack.
And, by the way, the mini channel switcher is a champ. It replaced a huge channel switcher and this allowed me also to add another pedal to my pedalboard.
So, i got to say that you did it again...and as usual i have to keep buying loopmaster products.
Cheers! - Juan M

Hi Brian,
I placed an order with you 6+ months ago and I wanted to say how extremely happy with the pedals I am. The custom built one was a fantastic idea and is like having an ABC switcher and a Hybrid all in one. When people ask me what it does, I tell them it's like having 4 Boss LS-2s in a row but with less hassle and wires! It's allowed me to do so much. Every one of my modulation and time pedals has it's own home now on the 9 way looper meaning I can add/remove pedals easily and cleanly. The clarity of sound is fantastic and they are highly durable, there is no breaking these bad boys - Cormac Cullinane

Big fan of Loop Master products. I own 2 Loop-masters. They work very well and are very reliable. Great way to keep your Guitar-to-Amp tone intact. - Randolph Hudson

I am happy now that I've got your 7 switch looper. Piece of cake to operate & whisper quiet. user friendly & great to use live. Thx - David Woods

Hey Brian,
Just wanted to say thanks for your pedals. By far the best investments I have made for my board. Or should I say boards! I've combined two separate pedal boards that create one. - James Nikolas

Hey Brian I just wanted to say thank you for the looper. My guitar sounds so clear and there is no buzz or anything. I'm very pleased! Thanks for the quick shipping and updates on the order! I will send pics of my setup as soon as I lava wire everything! Again thank you so much! - Tyler McKinney

I tell you what, looper, effects-loop, whatever. These things are totally silent when switching (no pops at all). I had tried a XXXXXX and had to send it back because it popped everytime I stepped on the switch. This company builds a great product and they are starving-artist affordable. - Michael Fletcher

LOOP MASTERS! WHOOHOO Awesome true-bypass loop switching pedals. - Greg Abrahams

I could not have built this without your loop-master pedals. Thanks for making such a great product. I used two of the 5 loopers with master bypass. Very clean - very quiet. Thanks again! Made my home studio board insanity "work" !!!!!!
Ben Walker - Tesla Studio

These are the BEST loopers you can buy!!!!! - Ben Walker

Just got mine right on time, and it works great. Thanks Brian and Loopmaster team. I'm very happy. - Marcus G. Larson

Hi! Got my 6 looper last week and ran it out last night to two different gigs. First off, I love it. I don't know why I waited this long. Everything that is supposed to be dirty is far dirtier now and everything that is supposed to be clean is clear as a bell. Additionally, the thing looks rad. I had a few different guitar players pointing at it on my board after one of the sets. You do a great job! - Ryan Paul Plewack

Greatest true bypass loop pedals in existence! - Paul Haga

Hi Brian,
Man, just wanted to thank you again for a cool piece of equipment for my pedalboard. I´ve been using my new 2 loop switcher for about a week and it works flawlessly , same for the clean/dirty switcher i've bought from you a couple of months ago. It's so cool how tiny and useful that this switcher can be for a crowded pedalboard.
Also I have to mention that the waiting times were reduced indeed. Since I placed my order online the pedal was shipped in exactly three weeks and arrived to my home in four weeks.
So it's true. If you are still hesitating to place your order just go and do it. Only four weeks for a great pedal? They're really worth the wait.
So Brian, keep up the good work, you'll hear from me again. For sure! - Juan M

Greatest true bypass loop pedals in existence! - Paul Haga

Hey guys!
Received my 4-bypass w/ tuner & master bypass yesterday. Already on the board. Already love it.
It's simple. It's solid. I LOVE IT. Thanks so much! Works beautifully - Jonathan

Your stuff rocks, I played the first show with the 6 function looper you built me on the board a couple nights ago. It was damn well worth the wait. - Al Winn

I totally love my Looper. It's pleasing to here that you are continually improving your business, but I'd willingly wait TWICE as long for another of your top quality products. - Tim Portlock

I have purchased a couple of loopers from you and have to say they are simply fantastic and I have spread the word to ask many of my musician friends as possible. Comments on the sound, build and looks of the product are extremely positive. - Christopher Shaw

Hey Brian Great work. My pedal looks like art. - Cornel Tanassy

I received my two loopers, and am extremely happy with them. They were worth the wait. - Luke Renshaw

Thanks for making kick as pedals! Mine is awesome. - Will Evans

Brian, I must say it was worth the wait. I have 2 of your products and both have worked flawlessly and have improved my tone. - Bob Jessome

I love the unit that you guys made for me. It makes everything so tidy and neat, and on top of that, it makes my tone super clear. - Steve Min

Brian, I am very happy with my loopmaster and will proudly promote your product to other players. - JAMES SEDBROOK

Hi Brian
The pedal I got from you is just great! I'll never have a pedal board without a loopmaster pedal - Ugo De Vito

The looper i just recieved really sounds clean. great work! - Todd Ferris Mosby

Hello, just wanted to thank you for the great custom FX loop pedal you built me! - Raleigh Green

Hi Brian, just wanted to send you my testimonial, best regards.
"As a pedal geek user, I am in need of several and different loop pedals to protect some old and flimsy switches on classic,rare and vintage pedals. Also to avoid the "tone-loss".
Nowadays I am using loop pedals from T*******s, R** R*** P** G***r, M*R and some from a local company.
In base of my experience with them i think I have a wide view and a reference point of what a loop pedal must be.
So, last year I decided to pull the trigger on a Loop master clean/dirty switcher. I was hesitant at first because of the waiting times but, after a couple of months I had received it, and having passed the "honeymoon time" I wanted to share my testimonial.
The Loop master is very lightweight but really sturdy. The finish is nice and the leds looks cool on it. The switches are soft, easy to activate, and despite I am using the pedal to switch from a vintage tremolo to a high gain distortion pedal there is no "pop" noise when switching back and forth. Finally, the size was the ultimate reason to choose this pedal over other brands, because is pretty small and fits perfectly in an already crowded pedalboard like mine.
So, in comparison with the others:
The T*****s is classy but I had to replace every (send-return) jacks in a couple of months,with little use they twisted and finally broke .
The R*** R*** is awesome, but heavy, and you can only have blue leds on them, no matter how many switches you need, so it is kind of confusing in a stage situation.
The M*R is heavy, a little big in size for the application, and also very well constructed, it is new and limited edition stuff, so I will have to wait to see if it holds well during the years.
Finally the local stuff... The wiring is not as pro as I would like it to be, but it has worked well since then. Eventually I am going to replace it with another.
Then, If you need to add a loop switcher to your rig with some characteristics like versatility, quality wiring, cool looks and that also keeps you with good tone, the Loop master is the way to go. If you need something else (but you do not care about one or two of those characteristics) just go with any other brand. So, Is up to you!
As for me, I will be ordering another 2 loop switcher soon."
Thanks to all the Loop Master staff. - Juan

I bought a single custom true bypass loop from you about 5 years ago maybe and its still going strong. Always get questions regarding it from other guitarists too and I always recommend you!
Tony Dalton

Hiya guys!
I got my 10-loop with tuner and master bypass, and I have to say I LOVE IT! No more "Tap Dancing!" And yep, this thing is built like a tank! Congrats on a truly superior product that fills a great void!
Thanks - Michael P. Hoffmaster

Love the ABY pedal! Firing up two Marshall Mode Fours really rattles my insides now. Thanks! - Markus Johansson

I love my six channel looper with tuner and bypass. For the prog music our tribute band plays, this is essential equipment. It changes the way you feel about all of those "tone-sucking" pedals we all grew up with - they really can be great, after all!! Brian did a great job on mine. Thank you, Sir! - Bill Shannon

I love my loopmasters! My tone is awesome! - James Nikolas

Hi Guys
I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the 8-loop switcher with tuner and bypass pedal that you built for me.
It makes life so much easier when performing. It really tames my board in every way. - Mark(KingsBlade)

My 5-loop switch is one of the best purchases I've made. Really improved my tone. Love it - John Curtis Lewis

Ill never build a pedalboard without a Loop-Master Pedal. Thanks again! - Jeff Peck

My Loop-Master 8-Loop w/Tuner Out & Master Bypass sounded f**king awesome when I messed around with it yesterday. I'm excited to use it live on this weeks string of shows.
Thanks man! - Kenton Bryant

Some Facebook feedback: (12-26-12)
Loop-Master Switchers on your board? Tell us how you're using them and what you're using them with.

Timothy Moran: yes i do! 8 loop! i use it to tame my unruly mob of pedals. If they dont "conform" i may sacrifice one of them!

Derrick Cowan: 4 loop with master bypass and tuner out, and 3 loop. 3 loop is for reverb chorus and phaser. 4 loop is my ground control for all the pedals in my rack! Thank you for your awesome work!

Gus Campbell: Mine is coming today but I plan on using my 5 Pedal Loop Switcher for my Overdrives/Distortion/Fuzz.December 21 at 11:56am via mobile

Pete Samulski: 7 loop so I can have all the switches up front and to get the tone suckers out of the signal chain. I have in my loop, Mu Tron III, Boss OC-2, XTS Precision OD, Phase 90, Sparkle Drive, Boss CE-2 and Empress Super Delay.December 21 at 12:14pm

Pete Samulski: I should have done the master bypass but either way I absolutely LOVE my Loop-Master.December 21 at 12:16pm

Gabe Fairfax: I run my PRS through a Morley wah & buffer pedal before it hits my 6-loop switcher; all six loops have one to two pedals; compressor, two dist (warm toned & 80's toned), O/D, fuzz, octave, phaser (ph90), micro chorus, rotate another modulation in last loop sometimes,

After switcher, signal runs thru a noise gate to aby box; splits to clean (egnator) & dirty (voxac30) amps - after split, dirty signal hits a second phaser (ph shifter) and a boss dist pedal; clean signal hits a separately looped mutronIII e-filter and boss chorus (ce-2) before amp; then lots of delay in effects loop of egnator.

Few pedals are boss, most are Mxr, ehx or boutique. Guitar of choice always PRS; mog cables, George L's to connect pedals...oh and voodoo pp2+ power...hand built pedal boards.

The only reason my rig works whatsoever: Loop-Master Pedals.December 21 at 1:00pm via mobile

Lil' Ditty Guitar Lounge: I have the ABY with Tuner out and love it. I can run 2 amps at the same time both with different effects going to each of them. I do home recording as a hobby and this pedal allows me to mic both amps and also run a line out of one of those amps direct into the board to get 3 different guitar tracks all with a different sound with one pass. By far the most useful pedal on my board.


Hey Brian - I just wanted to say thanks for my recent A/B pedal order. I really love this pedal and wish I had ordered it years ago. I use it to switch between my two amps and it's dead quiet. I couldn't be happier with it.

Thanks, Ryan


Brian, you're work is beyond amazing. Still loving my loop-strip and will be putting in another order soon it looks!I work in a guitar shop and recommend you to any customers looking for the gear you make - hope they've actually gone your way. - Gabe Fairfax


Dude!! First, Happy Thanksgiving...normally I'm not the type to report back, but I finished wiring my board and usedit last night and it was insane!! A few years back I was the lead guitarist for Edgar Winter and I had Bob Bradshaw build me a 30 pedal switching system with my 23 space rack...but if it went down, I was screwed. I then started playing with the Specials (Neville Staples) and decided to go with just a few pedals cause I didn't like the drama (for lack of a better term)with my I play 4-5 nights a week with my band and I needed something that sounded great and was reliable....Shawn Tubbsis a buddy and he uses your stuff, so all I have to say is WOW. Everything you claim is dead on....and I put stuff through the ringer.Anywhoo, sorry to babble....but, seriously, thanks bro. - Matt Hocking


I've been using my Clean/Dirty effects switcher for a few weeks now, and I love it! Despite the wait, I'm extremely pleased with the look, performance, and reliability of the pedal, especially for the price.Thanks! - Nolan Boatright


i got my Loop-Master micro fav. switch yesterday. i'm very satisfied.Brian answered my emails fast. and shipped it out to me.i really like the look and seems very well and sounds great.

i LOVE the fact i can have my main delay setting with one click!!i set it up to have a setting that's subtle, mix rolled back. on the fixed head's good for solo's. and it gives nice ambiance to clean tones.

Now, for the past 2 days i've felt free to Really mess around with the El Cap.I've found other settings i Love already !! EXTREME settings. - Internet forumite


Mr Loop-Master, your pedals have never let me down! Good stuff! - huskerjohn (internet forum user)


So I just ordered a 2-Loop with tuner out! Can't wait to get that installed on my board!!! Thanks for providing some great products and even better pricing!! Looking forward to stepping all over your pedal!- John Rowland


Can't be happier with my new Loop master! Thanks guys !- Ali Kamali


Thanks again for a great great pedal... Work's like a train!!! - Saku Euren


Got my ABY Pedal today. Thanks a lot. Box looks and feels built like a tank !! LED's are nice and bright. Can't wait to give it a go when my new amp arrives. Oh and thanks for the gravity pick sample, i've been interested in them as well. - Branko Cetinjanin


Quality stuff at the right price.Love my loopers/switchers. - Eric J. Morgan


I have a few of your loops, 2 of them on Trailer Trash boards, You made my life easier!!!! - John Fancese


Brian at loop master made me one of the best thing's to ever happen to my rig. If you have more pedals than you can count on one hand, loop-master gear is essential to your tone! - Gabe Fairfax


Received my new stereo bypass pedal and want to thank you very much for a first class pedal and a great deal.

Thanks, Kim Stone



I would like to say this is the most fabulous piece of equipment I have seen! I have to say the switch makes an incredible difference. I was absolutely stunned by the quality of sound, the reduction in the noise from the single loop that I used to have. The pedal was well worth the wait. Thanks again for your help and the fantastic product.

Kind regards,

Gordon - UK



I have received my 6-loop effect switcher and the quality is just amazing. It is now the proud center piece of my pedalboard. Thank's a lot for your great work.

Best regards from Courcelles in FRANCE.


It dawned on me today that I did not thank you and let you know the replacement Stutter Bomb is great. Thank you for your excellent customer service.

Thanks, Rob Hooper


Loving my Loop-Master. Worth the wait for sure. My signal path has never been so clean.

Shawn Sloan


Recently added the 6 switch looper to my board and loving it.

Thanks, - Mike


FYI... I have a few smaller products that I have purchased from u and they have been in regular use for several years without any issues with the exception of the fact that they have preformed flawlessly! You produce a kick ass product!

Thank You! - David Burgess


No one can touch loop-master. he is the king of loopers and switchers and everything else. Amazing workmanship, reliability, and durability.

Internet forum user


Loop-Master rules!

Mark Chatfield - (Bob Seger)


Loop-Master builds are exceptional. Any better and they would be made out of fully bulletproof armor. There is a long wait with those guys but communication with them is clear when it comes to timeline and status updates on your build. Great resale value as well should you need to unload it

From an internet forum user



Hey Brian, just wanted to say that since receiving my 5 - button stag switch with the tuner out I'm happier with my tone than I've ever been in 35 years of playing. I reconfigured my pedal board, experimented with every possible combination of my stomp boxes and I can't get a bad or noisy signal. In fact, I couldn't believe what I'd been missing all this time. The lows, mids, and highs suddenly appeared the moment I plugged the switch in. I have to admit I was getting pretty antsy with the wait, but I'll say what I'm sure every one of your customers has already said.... it was worth the wait, more than worth it! All my musician friends are blown away by what I've shown them so you can be sure it's going to be a very busy summer for you.

Anyway man, thanks again for bringing back quality workmanship. I'm a lifelong customer and my sons will be too. Peace.

Garry Barrett



Thank You Loop-Master. No more noise & Tap dancing. Well worth the wait.




Gigged last night with my new 3-loop switcher from Loop-Master and LOVED it. Great build quality, excellent response to my emails and a very good price. I've seen folks complain about the wait time on these but it is worth it. I'll do business with Loop-Master again for sure.



Dear Brian,

I just got my Clean/Dirty Effect Switcher with Master Bypass and I really love it! Simply amazing! It's been long wait but it was well worth it. Can't wait to try it out in the studio next! Thanks Brian for making such a great tool!

Ernie Razali


Dear Brian,

I can not express how pleased I am with my 10-Loop switcher w/tuner out. It was agony waiting so long for it but it was well worth it. My pedalboard looks and sounds awesome. For anyone that desires to take that next step and professionalize their pedalboard setup, this thing is the joint. And your craftmanship is definitely top shelf. Thanks again man. I'm now anxiously awaiting my 6-looper

Roland Carter Sr.


Hi Brian-

I received the loop/ab box. Brother..It's wonderful!!! Thank you again for great craftsmanship, and for accommodating the quick turn around.. I love it!! truly- Definitely sending ALL my colleagues to Loop-Master.. Thanks man!



Hi there at loop master,

I patiently waited for my 6 way looper to come in the mail.....and what a product!!! thanks so much for investing your time into this product! again thanks heaps for making this switcher and I'm sure as time goes on I will be in touch for you to make me a bigger and better switcher.

take care

dan berne



I've got two Loopmaster pedals on my board. They are absolutely killer. They make my rig so much more flexible it isn't funny, and the two of them cost me less than a decent overdrive pedal. I'm too addicted to my A/B/Y or else I'd totally be ordering one of these. Keep up the great work, Brian.



LoopMaster Custom Clean/Dirty Channel Switcher Expose

Hmmm, how would one simultaneously change amp channels AND switch in-line effects loops, one dedicated to each channel, with a single stomp?

Enter the Loopmaster Clean/Dirty Channel Switcher, with its Green LED/Clean channel and Red LED/Dirty channel. I'm sharing this in case it becomes a solution for someone else's needs, like it did mine.

I also wanted to mimic EJ’s 3-amp setup in a channel switching amp, each with its own signal path if possible, so Brian added a switch to engage a separate Blue LED/Dirty Channel Subloop when I was in my amp's Dirty channel. My amp's clean channel is set for crystalline cleans with some underlying warmth, and the distortion channel is set for a very light overdrive, which I normally hit with dirt pedals for the heavier, more sustaining stuff. Brian's modified pedal mimics the 3-amp concept with separate signal paths quite nicely. Here’s what I can get out of it:

1) Green - Clean (compressor and/or chorus to taste).2) Red - Very Light Overdrive courtesy of the amp’s low-gain setting (treble booster and overdrive off).3) Red - Rock Rhythms/Leads (Treble booster off and overdrive on).4) Red - ‘Notes exploding off the pick’ Leads (both treble booster and overdrive on).5) Blue – Fuzz. ‘Nuff said.

To finish my picture, I have a delay between the Loopmaster out and the amp’s input. In the effects loop there is an EBVPJr, with a Pitchblack+ hanging off of Jr’s Tuner Out.

Wish I would have had one of these 10 years ago. The versatility this affords, by eliminating multiple stomps to switch channels and their dedicated effects, is quite liberating.

Dave B


Just got my a/b/c/tuner out switcher on my board and wired up. It really cleaned things up and made everything more convenient. Thanks again for a great product!

Billy Smith


Brian, thanks again for getting my order out to me. Your work is the best. The quality of parts you use is top shelf. You beat everyone on that one. I would love to see the turn around be faster, but I would not want to sacrifice the current quality for speed.

Thanks, TJ


I own several Loop-master boxes. 2 more on order. Solid stuff. Boxes I bought years ago and gigged regularly and are the same condition as the day they arrived. I wouldn't hesitate to buy from them. Hunker down for the wait. When it comes you'll have what you need in a sturdy, gig ready build.

Kp8 - Gear Page


I got my first bypass strip in 2008, and still using them now. I have a 4 loop bypass strip and one of his clean/dirty strips for my dirt. They are now an important part of my setup. I couldn't play the songs I do the same way without them. Never had a problem with any of them.

JulesRM -


"We have a Loop Master with 8 switching options - We try everything and only stand behind products that we ourselves would use. I can honestly say that it works great and the build quality is excellent. I highly recommend it!"

Trace Davis, President/Founder - Voodoo Amps


Loop-Master is elite people - no popping issues that I hear other looper companies and builders have, go get some!

From an internet forum user.


VERY VERY happy today!!

Thanks so much for getting that out so quickly, just in time for practice tomorrow night.

I am dead pleased!

I didn't share this with you before, but I was quite worried the amp switch feature of this pedal wasn't going to work, only because I had a hell of a time finding a proper working one that matched up correctly with my mesa single rectifier - solo 50 head... I could go in to details on that... but I'll spare you..

All I know is this pedal 100% works for me.

You have a loop-master customer for life. THANKS again for getting that out so quickly

very best regards

steVe in MN


I cannot stress how big of a difference the 10 Loop Switcher with tuner mute and bypass has made on my tone. It sits comfortably at the bottom of my Pedaltrain Pro(without taking up any serious real estate on my board) and has eliminated any awkward tap dancing. My tone is now free of extraneous noise and devoid of any tone/touch sensitivity loss. The build quality is top notch, the LED's look gorgeous and were customized to my specifications, and the casing can take any abuse my shoes/boots dish out. Long story short, if you take your effects and tone seriously you should own a loop switcher from Loop-Master!

A. Hammond


I put 2 pedals that I like to turn on at the same time next to each other so it's 1 click on 2 buttons. I am hoping to get a 3 button loop master soon for the other part of my pedal board that goes thru my effects send and return. I love it! My tone has improved as well and noise has gone down. Thanks

James Nikolas


(Referring to 6-Loop Effect Switcher) I own one - it is amazing! Great work Brian, best piece of gear ever for my rig, period.

Gabe fairfax



I just received my ABY on Saturday and already it has become the secret weapon on my pedal board. I absolutely love it. I cannot even believe it is so well built (irrespective of the amazing price). The wait was a bit tough, but well worth it, and no one can complain because you put that out there very clearly up front. So, in short, thank you very much! The pedal is great. I would not buy a loop or switch pedal from anybody else as long as you are making them. Thanks again. Also, thanks for the free handmade pick. It really feels and plays nicely not to mention giving a crisp, articulate tone.

James Hoffman


Got the first shipment today, the 8-Channel bypass switch. And it looks awesome. Thanks for the custom modification. I'll send some photos when it's all done.

Finn Engen


This is Mark Maloof, order 1050, 13 channel looper. Just wanted to thank you for the fine looper you made me. It took a while, but was worth it!


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I've been using a Loopmaster 6 channel switcher with tuner out and bypass for about 6 years now. I use it to get the best out of my effect pedals. Without this thing, I would have gotten rid of some of my awesome sounding Boss pedals and etc. years ago, because they quite simply suck the life out of your tone. Some of them would even be unusable.

The channel switcher makes life as a guitarist much easier because I know I'm getting the clearest sound possible. This thing is rock solid and has been dropped, mishandled, booze drizzled, and even survived a major car accident. And it still works! I play shows (acoustic and electric) 3 to 4 nights a week and never leave home without it.Brian is a great guy. So if you want to get the best out of your pedals, this is the only thing that makes sense to me.

-Wyndell Williams

hozay  -       m m   

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"Hey Brian....
I received my 5 loop with master bypass pedal last week and had no problems hooking it up. After 4 rehearsals, plus a gig with an unfamiliar backline, I can say without a shadow of a doubt, my rig actually sounds BETTER and is absolutely SILENT even at high gain settings. The build quality is solid, and the benefit of adding this pedal to my rig, both in my tone and with ease of switching effects is priceless to me.

You make a quality product, at a great price and be assured that I will be purchasing more of your products in the near future.

Best Regards,

Reuben Luke

http://www.sixstringmusic.nethozay  -       m m   

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"Loopmaster is....
pure awesomeness. outstanding business that warrants a look under the hood next time your chuckwagon needs a looper. customer service in the quadruple A stratosphere. granted, i'm a new client and hopefully mon looper won't shat the bed but if it does i feel pretty good brian will be on standby with roadside help. ordered another already. already want another.... at this point, want to loop my whole world. a total revelation for my anal bunny brain pathways. highly recommended. two thumbs up. way up." - Sanhozay (
hozay  -       m m   


Thank you for your help, guidance, and high quality craftsmanship. I appreciate the old-school small boutique builders that are masters at their craft, and you’re among the best.

Kind regards - Sean


I have the 6-Loop w/Tuner Out & Master Bypass Switcher on my Pedaltrain PT Pro - and frickin' love it. Don't know about everyone else but it did wonders for my sound, simply one of the best gear purchases I ever made.

You may need one of these more than you need that new pedal, you're GASing for!

IGuitUpIGuitDown -


Micro looper was what I needed to isolate my good sounding tone vampire chorus pedal.

Bopplayer -


My loopmaster 11 input switcher w/true bypass and tuner out has definitely improved my tone and tapdance routine. Plus it eliminates the 1 cable bad issue as well. If you have a cable on your board go out with a true bypass looper you only lose that one pedal instead of the whole board. Plus it makes locating that cable a lot easier. Nuff said!

Allen Stroo


I own the 5-Loop Effect Switcher (Strip), and it's possibly the single greatest purchase I've made to my pedalboard. Outstanding Sound & Build Quality and Loop-Master was absolutely a fantastic company to deal with Customer Service-wise during the ordering process.

Ian Perge


I opened up my 3 loop AB MB box the other day... I was blown away by the attention to detail and the use of such high quality components. Fantastic workmanship. Thank you!

Mel Morris


"The Loop-Master keeps everything quiet as possible"

- member "surgerymixer"


For sure the best invest I did in the last couple of years on my pedalboard ! Way less tapdancing...makes our live-sets way more relaxing for me and I can focus more on my guitar :)

Gilles Heinisch


Got one of your loopers in the effects loop of my amp. Your looper is totally transparent when in bypass! There are some parts I play where there might be up to 3 effects going at a time. Then when that part is done STOMP! Back to straight in your face guitar to amp. Way easier than tap dancing 3 effects, amp channel, gain boost and volume boost. Now I've got 6 stomps down to 2 thanks to your products. Sweet!

Brett Walston


You saved me jumping across my rig, breaking my toys left right and center, tone is massively improved. Thank you!

Oli Tiberius Montez


Brian, just wanted to express my gratitude for the way you handled my order. I have about 50 guitar students and I will certainly be evangelizing your products to them. They always buy whatever I do so I'm sure this will not be your last order in Calgary.

You're a prince amongst frogs man. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. :)

Corey - Canada


Just got my A/B switch. Wow! Killer! Took my Vox AC15 and turned it into a killer 2 channel amp! Thanks! Worth the wait! Great quality! Board pic to come!

Justin O'Brien



Thanks so much for taking the time to troubleshoot my pedal for me. You saved me the expense of shipping it back and enabled me to have the pedal in working order for my upcoming gigs!

I truly appreciate your custom work and your A+ customer service. You are in a class by yourself, keep up the good work.

Best regards

Bill Avonda


I love my loopers!!! They keep my board so clean, eliminate so much tap-dancing, and help clean up my signal. Not to mention I stomp the hell out of them and they still work!

Mike Pope


Hi Brian,

I have received the modified switcher I ordered and it performs exactly as I imagined. I'd like to commend you on a fantastic product and the excellent customer service you provided in agreeing to modify one of your existing products to meet my requirements and at no extra cost.

Thanks again and I will have no hesitation in recommending you to my guitar playing friends.




It's so cool of you to post my rig on your Facebook wall. thanks!! I'm super pleased with my loopers. They help me use all of my pedals without compromising the sound of my Les-Pauls through a Dual Rectifier or a super cranked up Marshall!!

Or Yaakov


The best thing about my rig is my true bypass switcher made by Loop-Master Pedals

Jordan Tracy


Wow! You build some great pedals man! It was well worth the wait!

Chris O'Baugh


Hi Brian-

I just wanted to say thank you for making that 5 way looper with tuner mute and master bypass. You and your company are easily the best at what you do and the customer service that you guys provide ranks above any other company that I have ever dealt with in my life period. You were quick to respond and understanding! I work in the customer service field as well, and I know what it is like to have to deal with people on a regular basis!

So I just wanted to say THANK YOU for your amazing service and I will definitely recommend you to any of my friends, or people who I may meet down the road to work with you guys. I know that if I ever need anything else like this - you will be the first person that I go to without hesistation.

Thank you so much!

Rich DeVito


The Loop Master passive ABY switcher is a valuable tool for exploring multiple sonic options which are limited only by ones imagination and ultimately ones wallet! It is great for switching between or combining different amps with different effect configurations to give the player completely opposite tonal options with the push of a button. It is quiet and does not suck tone, nor add hum which was a concern while considering an ABY pedal.

Many regards,

Ian Smit


I have 4 loop and 2 loop strips both on my board.. Pedals have really made my life easier!! Just waiting that 8 loop stag. with tuner and master bypass is going to be in the Get Them While They are Hot list :) Thanks for GREAT product!!!! - Saku Euren

A thread from the


Wednesday, May 28, 2009

Tone Freq's TONE TIP: Loopmaster Nine Loop Effect Switcher

I first became acquainted with Loopmaster when working for a custom cable company. A boutique pedal board company was doing custom wiring at the time and used these products exclusively. I was very impressed with their sturdy design and steadfast performance. They have a vast array of loopers and today I want to highlight the mother of loopers: the Loopmaster Nine Loop Effect Switcher. It can be used to reveal tone-sucking pedals via A/B selection between your guitars straight signal path and the effect in question or, as a permanent bypass box for your vintage pedals you do not wish to modify internally for true bypass.

The Loop-Master™ "Nine-Loop Effect Switcher w/Tuner Out & Master Bypass" is a heavy-duty, no-nonsense, ultra transparent, ultra silent, true bypass strip with (9) loops, one switch for silent tuning and one switch for bypassing all of the true bypass loops at once. Loopmaster also makes smaller loopers, custom switchers, ABY's and accessories.

I have referred many friends to Loopmaster and they have thanked me time and time again turning them on to Loopmaster. The product is solid, the price is killer and the customer service is great. If you want a kick-ass multi-loop system look no further than Loopmaster.

For more info please visit:

Aljon Go is considered to be a "pedal junkie" by his peers often asked for advice when building pedal boards. He toured the world with his award winning band Mink and was the artist relations/marketing pro for a musical accessory company. He currently spends his time bringing new and exciting tones to regional acts Jaux King, JonesWorld and Mister Happy. He is also host of the long running "Local Buzz" radio show in Nashville and product specialist for a leading guitar company. Freq'n out? E-mail Aljon: tonefreq(at)gmail(dot)com.


Great pedals, thank you Loop-Master! 2 already in the boards, and a few more on the USPS truck... - Linda Taylor


I like having access to any effect via ONE strip at the bottom of the pedal board, no matter where that effect may actually sit on the board. BYPASS enables me to not only get that "straight to the amp" sound, it allows me to set up a preset combo of effects and then kick em all on with one stomp for a certain passage etc.The Tuner out is awesome and does not chew up a loop position. - Todd Ingram


I really like my loopmaster pedal. Mine has three loops, bypass, and an A/B for two instrument inputs. Very useful. - Mel Morris


Thanks for your great product. Having everything up front really helps make everything easier. At some point I will need a programable looper, but your true bypass loopers are by far the best on the market. I have already bought two. Thanks again! - Alex Workman


I really like my loopmaster pedal. Mine has three loops, bypass, and an A/B for two instrument inputs. Very useful. - Mel Morris


I really like my loopmaster pedal. Mine has three loops, bypass, and an A/B for two instrument inputs. Very useful. - Mel Morris


Got one of these ( 5ch+master bypass), Amazing quality and stuff! - Max


Enjoying my pedal switcher! Will send pics once I get my chords straightened out :) You guys are the best my tone sounds beautiful now! - Joshua Reese


"Cheers for the products!!!!! Simply brilliant! - Lance Daniels


Brian,It took a while but well worth the wait! I cannot thank you enough for your expertise, there are a small few in the industry who can build a high quality custom product at a great price!!Regards - Bill


I received my order for a 6-loop bypass loopstrip two weeks ago and it was above & beyond anything I could have ever hoped for. I feel like I have my PRS back using adding the loopstrip to my rig - I have the pure tone my guitar was intended to have, and unwanted noise is a thing of the past! It was absolutely worth the wait to receive my order - I would have waited twice as long for such an amazing product built with superior quality & care. In addition to getting great tone restored and cutting down on "tap dancing", I have come to learn half the fun of the loopstrip is re-rigging different ways & experimenting with my sound.

I could write a novel about the wonders loopmaster has done for my sound, I will always recommend loopmaster to anyone & absolutely return myself for future orders - not only because I know I will receive a quality product, but also because in roughly 10yrs of playing, I have never experienced such great customer service. When I emailed Brian at loopmaster seeking advice on the best utilization of my 6 loops, based on the effects I use & the sound I wish to achieve - Brian responded almost immediately with his thoughts - I could tell he actually put thought into helping me out & gave great advice.

Hands down, I have never had a better customer experience than I did with loopmaster. It is great to know all customers are treated the same - whether a professional musician or an average Joe like me - I cannot wait to order my next strip!

Thank you so much to Brian & everyone else involved at Loopmaster!-Gabe Fairfax, Washington DC

9-12-10: Brian,

The pedals you made for Kenny and I are perfect for what we needed. Thanks for going above and beyond to make special pedals since we are unique. They work great and keep it up, you are the guitar/pedal guru.


BB/Kenny Colsby Road (


hello brian...

i'm so damn happy i could give you a kiss on your cheak! my pedalboard is finished and this looper is just incredible. thank you so much! if you like, i will send you a picture of my new pedalboard. if someone in switzerland asks me, who did that crazy box, i'll be happy to say: "a crazy guy from the staates, who even has the same name as i do;-)"

thanks again, sorry for disturbing, best wishes - bryan


Brian, Beautiful work! I can't thank you enough for the customization, simply perfect. I will certainly spread the word about your high quality boxes. I am a weekend warrior but you can bet if I ever become a successful musician, I will endorse your work. Thanks again Bill


From internet forum:

"I have been gigging my Loop-Master ABCD for years. Works Great. Solid build. Been all over Asia and North America with it. Looks sexy too. I am actually on my second one since my bandmate adopted my first one"


Brian, Thanks for the looper; it exceeds my expectations. The finished product was a big hit at the Alive Festival this year. One sound guy said "I've never seen a board that clean in 19 years"! I attached a couple pics for you all wired up. Also, thank you for expediting the order. A+ work!

Regards - Dustin


I received my order 2 days ago and used it this morning in a church service. It looks awesome and works great! Thanks so much! I love it! -Andrew


My pedal is here and working perfect. A few picks from my livingroom and the board. Thank you very much

Finn Erik Breistrand - Norway.


Brian, I received the a/b/y box yesterday, and I must say, it was worth the wait. Had a show last night, and ran two amps at the same time...and I've never sounded so HUGE! Thanks so much, your products are top notch! - Keith Nicholson


Hi Mr Price !

I've well received the loopmaster's products I ordered. I'm very glad about the product, its a great quality and it works perfect. Your team is doing a great job and thanks to you for running this company. I wish you a big success and be sure I'll recommend Loopmaster to my friends.

BEst Regards - Steven Lascombe


HI Brian,

Got the loop switcher on Friday and tested it out today. The thing just plain rocks! Great craftsmanship, built like a tank and dead silent. I could not be happier with your fine work. I will gladly send people your way when they ask me about my Loop Master switcher.

I will now be sending an order to your friends at Trailer Trash Pedal Boards for a new board and will ensure to send some photos once everything is complete.

I will most definately be doing business with you in the near future for other types of switchers that I am contemplating.

Thanks again!

Philip Boudreau Quebec, Canada


Hi Brian,

Thanks again for the speedy delivery! Your products amazed me!!!There's so much hype about products that promise to preserve your tone and, well you know. The attention to detail and build quality are number one!!! My dream of using effects or just going straight in are now achieved,thanks to you. I am a loyal fan and customer. Peace, Steve Canty

PS. Give Rooster at Trailer Trash a tip of the hat as it was his recommendation that led me to you!


Received my pedal today and it is awesome as always Keep up the good work Thanks - Clark Rabbitt



This is Paul Santos saying thanks for answering all my EMAILS and for all your time, effort and work.

Sorry it took a bit to get back, but I've been ill for a bit and just finished up the pedalboard and everything works just beautifully. The ABY is just as you said, no bleed or popping. I'm sure none of this is news to you, since you are building them yourself and you know the quality you are putting into them.

If I get a chance I'll send you a pic of my pedalboard. I'm sure you've seen a million of them, but I'm pretty happy with it, lots of versatility and cool sounds available.

Once again thanks for everything, I appreciate the fact that you will give the same great customer service whether you are a touring musician or just a regular guy recording his own music at home.

If I need anything else, I won't be afraid to EMAIL.

Take care and continued good luck in the future - PAS


Thanks man! I just finished re-doing my pedalboard about an hour ago and everything works just fine. Your loop switchers just make sense, i should have done this years ago.

thanks again, Michael Elzey


Hi guys,

I just received my 8 channel looper about a month ago, It took me almost two weeks to wire the pedalboard but its finally running and I have to say that looper has been one of the best purchases I've ever made, did wonders for my tone.

You guys really are the best, the wait was well worth it.





my looper arrived yesterday. I tested it with my (momentary chaotic) pedalboard and I just want to say that I love it. Great work! Thanks for that. Greetings from Dortmund, Germany - Timo


"All I needed was an ABY box with a tuner mute function. It didn't seem like that should be too obscure or hard to find but after scouring every single music store in town, I'd struck out completely. I discovered and, somewhat apprehensively, ordered the "ABY box w/ Tuner Out". They were great to deal with, good communication and clear, no B.S. status updates. When the pedal arrived it was everything I could have asked for. Taking off the rear panel I discovered the workmanship was impeccable and everything about it was of the highest quality. (The pedal was signed and dated inside by Brian Price). Now, a two amp setup is an integral part of my live sound and the Loop-master switcher makes it happen simply, consistently and reliably. With so much "Made in China", junk everywhere these days, it's great to discover hardware and DIY craftsmanship like this still exist in the western world. Highest possible recommendation!"

Mark David Stewart - Calgary, Canada


Hey Brian,

I got home from work tonite and there it was. Wow! It was well worth the wait thank you so much, I love it! I hooked up to my board and it's fantastic. I will definitely spread the word about your fine products.

Thanks - Rich


Hello Brian,

Thank you for such a quick response and even faster delivery of my loop pedal! The thing is quite a masterpiece of workmanship. I am glad to say I am a proud owner of one of your Loop-Master pedals! The wait was definitely worth it. The pedal is perfect! - D. McLeod.


"I've got the clean bypass, clean-dirty-tuner, and ABY being built. Can't say enough how great your pedals are!" - Nathan S.



Package arrived today. Box looks like the mailman has anger management issues, but the loop-master was none the worse for the wear and works just fine. Sounds great, of course.

Thanks so much for building such a fine product. You're not the speediest, but you're definitely worth the wait. Really fine. :)

Cheers, -David


hi there you loop master master (hihi)

my loopswitcher (4 loops) arrived in Amsterdam!!!!!!! yiihaaaa : ) I rebuilded my effects arround it, and I am very happy with the sound improvement. The suckin' but so nicely tikle'in freakie pedals are in use again and so...i'm happy sub bass warrior, and dune-tune hippie it was just the missing element in my bass gear setup thXs man, for making this perfect tool

greetings Hassie Dune-Amsterdam Holland


Hey Brian, Just wanted to let you know that my 15 looper is installed on my board! Not all loops were used saving for the future but, WOW!!! It was well worth the wait and my tone was not shabby before but now it AMAZING!!! Especially with my Old Fender Amps, They have really come alive and its all because of your Product! Great Quality too! Can't wait til my ABY Arrives. I'm sure it will be just as good!! Thanks again! I'm telling everyone about Loop Master.

James - Louisville, KY


Hey guys just stopping by again and saying thank you for the 10 channel looper. I'm very pleased. I will be uploading some pics soon with your pedal being used. You will certainly be tagged. Its definitely a conversation piece for many people.


I just wired up my new board. WOW! What a difference in tone. The bypass switch does make a difference. It was worth the wait.

Thanks - Jim


Hi Brian,

You set me up with a custom síx-loop strip w tuner & bypass for my studio a year ago. First off, let me emphasize: the looper is AMAZING. The workmanship is perfect, sonics are impeccable, and the routing possibilities have been very helpful for studio work, being able to try out different patches of pedals without degrading the signal. Many guys have been absolutely blown away when I show them what this setup is capable of.

Peter - Sweden

From an internet forum:

The loopmaster gear is really quality stuff. It costs a bit but man is it worth it. Great updates during order and building process. Brilliant guy behind it all (Brian Price) who's main focus doesn't seem to be making money but rather making quality gear and pleasing customers. If you're ever considering building a pedalboard this is the place to start.


I have owned a 3 Loop Effect Switcher w/Turner Out and Master Bypass for four years now. Not only does it not have any effect on my tone, it is build like a tank. I currently run processors through all three loops and you can't even hear the switching on/off of these. The pedal is incredible and has given me the flexibility to craft my sound. Recently one of the LED lights went out and Brian mailed me two replacement bulbs for no charge. Great product, great service!! Thanks Loop-Master

David Underwood - NJ

Saturday, August 29, 2009: (From a Myspace blog)

"LOOP-MASTER" router & switcher

I'm glad to be a user of the fantastic " 3-Loop Effect Switcher w/ Master Bypass - Strip " !

I will post soon some pics & videos about my personal pedalboard system where the LOOPMASTER is the "mind" of it.

Many thanks & regards to Master Crafty Mr. Brian Price !


Hey Brian!!

Well just to say thank you for the amazing loop pedal, it sounds awesome! Thanks again Brian, great work!



Hi Loopmaster

Recieved my 4 loop switcher on Sat and finished my board today. Great product, no way I'd ever have a pedal board without your products, next up is a aby switch Just stoked on how well this went, great job (have a beer on me)

Steve Bracher


Hey Brian,

Just wanted to let you know how much I'm digging the 6 loop strip you built for me a couple months ago. I've had it on the road the whole time, and it's never let me down- I'm dedicating each loop to a specific effect (1=comp, 2=od, 3=vol/tune, etc) and a nice surprise has been that getting to have everything off, if I want, allows me to haul my pedalboard to acoustic gigs as well- muddy tone gone, options galore, no loaded down signal. My band has also made numerous comments on how much better my rig is sounding- which is a huge statement because they spend most of their time giving me crap about being a geeky, overly tone-sensitive guitar player. I've also been seeing your boxes show up on boards around Austin more and more. Keep up the great work!

Very Best, Keenan LeVick


Came in the mail yesterday and i couldn't be more pleased with it. You guys did an amazing job, thanks! - Scott


Hey Brian thank you SO MUCH for my mini triple looper! I LOVE it and it makes my board look super WICKED. Yall ARE fine craftsmen! ; )


Thanks from the Ukraine , we use a Long time Loop-Masters , this is very high quality Strips -Tone saver . Thank You Brian - Taras Bulba International Pop-Rock music festival Team & sound Producer - Anatoly Lykov


Hi Brian,

Just to let you know I just received my Loop Master through the mail. Looks fantastic. Can't wait to get it in to the pedal board and operational. Better stop typing and get to work……….

Many thanks for everything - Tony Abbott


got the ab box. great construction!...I cant wait to hook it up and try it out...I use all g-l's, so im confident it'll be fine...Great workmanship,quality, and attention to detail!...Thanks - Barry little ( session musician).


Hey Brian,

Just wanted to give you a heads up that my order came in today. I haven't had a chance to hook it up to my board yet but it looks great. Just wanted to thank you again for sending it out to me so quickly. I'll hit you up later in the summer and let you know how things are going. Thanks for a great product and more importantly thanks for your cooperation with my schedule. -Dave Krist


Hi Brian,

Just wanted to send you a note to say I got my loop switcher in the mail. Hooked it up and put it to use, and it is just awesome!! This thing is really quiet and the build quality is just awesome. It's what I've been in search of for quite some time. Really glad I came across your site. I've already recommended you to three friends of mine. If I need any other products like this I'll definitely be coming to you. Thanks a lot and take care!

Regards - John S.



I just got back in town Tuesday evening and finally got my hands on the unit you built for me. This thing looks great and I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to understand what I needed and then custom build it for me! - Russ


Hello Brian,

The Loopers are amazing! My tone has gotten brighter and the treble knob on my Bad Cat has been lowered by 20%. Simply amazing. - Chris


Just wanted to mention the fantastic service I got from Brian! Some time ago I went through a series of emails with him where I described a new pedal board project and mentioned specific size and configuration for a Loop-Master that I needed. I could not find what I was looking for and thought maybe I just missed it? Brian came back with exactly what I was looking for and when I asked where it was on his web page, he told me it was not there but he would custom build it for me! Just got the unit and while it is still not on the board, it is exactly what I needed and exactly the size I specified.

Thanks for the custom service. Hopefully the unit will be powered and on the board soon! - Russ


Hi Brian,

I just checked my mail box yesterday and tried your a/b switcher and dirty/clean channel switcher

And they are good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So good!! No pop, no buzz, and no hum !!!!

Plus, I love your LEDs that they don't hurt my eyes >:)

Now I know where to come back to when I need more loopers!

Thank you again! Truly - J.K. -


Hi Brian,

I got the 3-loop/tuner out box today and man what a difference in tone! I'm sure you hear that all the time but it really does make a huge difference when the signal doesn't have to travel through your pedals. Thanks for another great product. Regards - Jeff Wadsworth

3-17-09: Brian

I recently got a 6 loop/tuner loop master unit from you. I just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with your unit and my new pedalboard and clean sound I now have. My recent performances have been great with a noticeable sound improvement. Enclosed is picture of new board and LoopMaster product. I would be happy to let others know of your quality product as well. Thanks again.



hey, brian. i got the pedals in today. thanks for such a quick ship! the pedals themselves work perfectly, and the feedback loop does exactly what i'd hoped it'd do. i might even order a second dual looper at some point without the feedback loop for more practical live purposes. we'll see.

also, i wanted to tell you again how perfect the ABY is. it got rid of every problem that i had with my **(manufacturer not shown out of respect)**, and it looks much more badass to boot! thanks again, and i'll be sure to recommend you to anyone else who may be looking for a quality switcher or router. in fact, you may have noticed that one of the other guys in my band placed an order with you recently (his was the bizarre idea for a single looper with a "Y" input). i'm confident that he'll enjoy the quality and usefulness of his as much as i do mine. one thing is for sure, though, we definitely seem to have a knack for asking for wierd, custom-designed shit, and i appreciate you accomodating us!

anyway, i just wanted to drop you a line and tell you thanks for the good work and quick shipping. take care. - josh


Hello Brian

I Hope that you're fine

Writing to tell you that I received this morning the bypass strip box. Great great work, I'm really impressed by the quality. I'm going to attach it to my pedalboard this week. Can't wait to play with it.

Thanx a lot Man! That was a real pleasure to deal with you

Zeb "KwiJibo" - France


Brian I just wanted to say thanks for the sweet bypass strip, it sounds so much better and made my playing so much easier and smoother, and several of my friends want to buy one now and I think one of them already has put in an order for 2 5 loops or something.

thanks again, it was worth the wait for it. - kyle


Hey Brian,

Just wanted you to know that I got the A/B/Y today. Plugged it in and it works perfectly.

For many years I used a **** A/B/Y & always experienced "bleed" from one side to the other. It was not a huge problem, but it always bothered me. I had heard about ***** and ordered one of those. That actually bled worse than the *****, so I sent it back and went back to using the *****. I started investigating many other brands and was just about ready to pull the trigger on a ***** (for $300 + ) and a friend of mine had reminded me of you. The way I use it is with one amp (usually set for cleans) & my other amp is setup with more volume & some drive for solos. This is where the bleed would happen. With yours it is absolutely silent in switching & NO BLEED!

I am an active member of the Seymour Duncan Forum so is the friend who mentioned you. Thanks for making this whole process easy & especially for making me a great pedal.....................

Thanks....... Dave S.


Hi Brian,

Just received my single loop-master and it's perfect! There's a rugged elegance to the metal finish and you even remembered the little cowboy decal I asked about! It works great cleaning up a boss PS-5 and a moog ring modulator. Your customizable options, quality, and price will definitely have us coming back when my band-mates or I need more loopers.

Thanks again - Michael (The Van Goghs)


Thanks for making these beautiful boxes, I turned a guitar buddy on to your website today. - John


"I have never dealt with a more professional music dealer than you" - Mark


Item received, thanks very much for your good service and communication, John Fox


Hey my names is wes chandler just wanted to let u know. im very pleased with the products i ordered from you.. its always worth the time for good quality items... thanks again and Merry Christmas.


Brian, I got my ABY with tuner out and incorporated it into my pedalboard. I just wanted to say thanks so much for building this thing for me. It totally rocks and when i emailed you, you were cool and answered my questions promptly. Thanks again and I will be ordering from you again. Joshua


Hey man,

You responded to my post yesterday helping me get my new looper in check. I really appreciate it. I just wanted to let you know that both me and the other guitarist in my band absolutely love our loopmasters. We both just made the wonderful transition to an all true bypass rig and we both are beyond excited about it. It's a crying shame to think about the incredible difference the looper makes and how long my tone resided under a blanket. I know your products are build like tanks, but if we ever need anything else, we are coming to you man! Just wanted to write you a note in appreciation of your product and your customer service! It means the world man! You've two friends in Soulstice.



We received the Loop-Master stuff today and my son said it works great! Thanks so much - it is a pleasure doing business with you.

Sincerely - Nancy (and Nicky) Barbato


"Hi Brian! Just an update on the loop switcher you've made for me:It's an absolute killer, man! It looks beautiful, it operates totally smoo-ooth an noise free, and it just gives me so much more control over my sound - a sound which is way improved. I have never had this much sonic control before in my guitar slinging life (ca 23 years since my first electric guitar and stomp box). Furthermore: the different color LEDs works perfectly as "guiding lights" in the dark! No problem to find the right switches, even in a pitch black room. Amazing! The three white bypass LEDs really shines "No over-the-top-fuzz? Perhaps you forgot to push this?". Ha-ha! The amber colored loops 3 and 4 (the other loops having red LEDs) gives me a sense of left and right, and the green for the loop combination is perfect for checking that only one effect is on. Now I can preset three overdrives in two loops (my two fuzzes share a loop) and hit the bypass switch and go from clean to "Weeeeoooooaaaannnnggg", and back to only one overdrive with the combination switch off, without any river dancing routines :-) I have said something about pictures earlier, and if it's OK with you I can send some - just to let you see where it ended up. The only problem now is that I seriously misjugded my need for George L cable. I'm about 3 meters short, actually!And one of the straight plugs you sent me is defect. No sound...Besides, I have desided to have a 15 ft .255 George L from my board to my amp. Luckily there are shops in Norway that carries George L stuff.Just a bit annoying that I didn't just "over-buy" some. Your prices being lower... Anyway, that's peanuts, and certainly something I can endure, having tested the looper this evening. I am in awe of your work, man! So, I would just like to thank you for this wonder box - it will stick with me forever! That is a fact! I will never sell this! No way!All my guitar friends will cry and beg me to tell them where I got it. And I will gladly tell them! Thanks a million, and may your future work make many more like me even happier!

Best regards and all that jazz,

Lars E Flateby, Norway



Just a quick line to let you know the switcher got here today.

I have to say, I am very impressed! It does just what I needed and it's a very solid look and feeling build! Thanks so much!

I am still working on this rig but I know there will be another few switchers I'll need in various places and I'll for sure be letting you know about them, plus I need to get some Plex tapes rewound!

Anyway, thanks again, I'll be in touch real soon.



Just wanted to let you know that after working with the Single Loop "ABY" switcher for a couple weeks i do not know how i ever got along without it. No pops, no clicks, dead quiet. It's uses are almost endless. Nice work you guys. Brilliant. Had to do some thinking about which switcher to buy and even at that there was a little guess work only because my system is rather convoluted and it changes a bit depending on how carried away i want to get. I'm using my switcher in a studio situation only where i'm going straight to the board with both A and B outputs. One channel being the dry channel and the other being the effects channel. The "loop" being dedicated to various delays and looping devices that i want to be sent to the second channel only. I't hard to describe and probably sounds fairly goofy but that's whats happening in this particular situation. The fact that your switcher doesn't introduce pops and clicks and doesn't promote "loading" is proof that you have done your homework. Thanks for a great product.

Kind regards - john duval


Hello Brian – The Loop-Master showed up Saturday. I do not know how I have managed to live without this thing for so long! I love it. It works perfectly and it really gives me some nice options.

Thanks again - Greg


Hi Brian,

I received the loop strip last week but I was out of town. I did not get to try it until about 20 minutes ago and I had to stop playing around just to email you and say "Thank you!"

I have a moderately complicated pedal board / rack effects system and this thing offers me more control than I have ever dreamed of.

Simply put, the loop strip makes sense of my entire effects system - like a brain for my board! It is even better looking than I imagined, and obviously super-sturdy. The LED colors were as ordered, and the layout superb - down to the distance between the switches. I can only describe it as "perfection"!

Just want you to know that I will be plugging your product whenever and wherever I play from now on. Ok....I will stop now.

You have made me a very satisfied and happy customer.

Thanks again and cheers,

Mitch Pariseau


Hey Brian, i got a story for ya-i was heading out for the studio and heard a car pull up in my drive-it was the mailman with my 6 channel looper-i ran out and got it from him-jumped in the car,drove an hour to the studio-unpacked it and hooked up my pedals to it with freshley made blue george l cable-and guess what, it worked perfectly! I am very impressed with this product, it made a very very noticeable difference in my sound in the studio-i cannot wait for the next gig with it. Thanks for making such a cool product. - Rich

Shine Box Music - Shine Box MySpace



I have just recieved my Micro ABY Box today. This little cool looking box works great with my Peavey Valveking 212 Combo & my B-52 LG-10012S combined. My B-52 has a Ground/Lift switch already built in so that came in handy. This box is so simple to use & it requires no battery to operate, just plug & play, now that is cool !. Makes my guitar jam session more interesting by letting me switch back & forth between my amps & also combining them together for a bigger stereo sound. Once again, thanks for the great service !......

Leroy Sumile...................


Hi Brian,

Last week I received my custom loop-master. I have been playing with it for several days, and I have to say that is incredible well done! No clics or pops, no noise at all (this is great). And as you know, a really better way of organizing effects in the chain. Now my sound is better and my feet movements are less than before, so I am very happy with my purchase. Thank you for your help, and your useful information.

Best regards - Jaime



Just received the pedal today. It looks beautiful and sounds beautiful as well. Well worth the wait...thanks sooo much. Your art is nothing short of amazing. Have a great summer.

Matt Weber


Brian, Just wanted to thank you for my triple loop with tuner out and A/B switch. I have been using it for several weeks now and everything seems to be working great with it. Once fully implemented into my set-up (I am putting together a new pedal board) this switch will greatly simplify my switching tasks on stage. Thanks for a great product.

Bryan Cannon



just wanted to say thanks for the great looper I purchased a couple of months back. I have put it to use in my studio and has been an awesome way to quickly and easily experiment with pedals then switch back to a clean unaltered amp sound when needed without having to stop and unplug everything.

Thanks again - Glen


Hi Brian, I just wanted to let you know that I got my single effect true bypass switcher today. It really does make a different in my tone when the EHX Bass Micro Synth is "off"! Finally, the output of my clean is even and i was even able to get a better sound out of my overdrive effect. I like the added bonus of the button on the switcher to disable the Micro Synth when it is "on". Very nice!

I look forward to working with you again!

Thank you - Ryan Ratajski



I just had a chance to intigrate the ABC box into my rig. Thanks for such a very well done product. The switching is noisless, the unit is very transparent and there no noticable bleed from channel to channel. A huge improvment from other units that cost twice as much. It does not take up nearly as much real estate either. I would have no problems recomending you work to anyone I record or tour with.

Kind Regards,

David Poirier



Received my order today and everything looks great. I connected the Patch Unit and Double-Loop Switcher w/Tuner Out on my board this evening to check things out and I am very impressed. No noise or hum, very quiet and looks awesome on my pedalboard. This is a TOP QUALITY product!!

Thanks - Bob Dominguez


Thank you Brian.

What took me so long to get one of these Loop Masters is way beyond me. I just finished using it for the first time. I have got all of the dirt pedals on loop 1 and all of the swirlies on loop 2. It is simply AWESOME to play through my 4 stacked dirt pedals (acutely, astutely adjusted) at one time. Kicking that loop On and Off just blows my mind completely. I am afraid that you might have made an incredible sounding guitarist out of little ol me. :-)

Here's to Ya! - Gary


Hi - I just wanted to say thanks - I bought one of your micro aby pedals a few months ago (I'm from Calgary, AB Canada). I think it's an excellent product and it solved all of my rockin needs. You are the best! - Matt


Hi! today february the 18th I have received my looper. I have immediately put it to the test and was amazed at how it help me with my sound. Each pedals in the four loops have now a more defined sound, they do what they have to do better. I thank you very much and it is not impossible I order another one in the future.

Take Care

Claude - Canada


Hi Brian,

Just wanted to say thanks for an extremely well-made bypass unit. The attention to detail is fantastic, especially the placement of the input and output switches so close together to minimize the length in the signal path when the loops are inactive and the placing of the switches in the back row slightly higher than the ones in the front row to make them easier to step on. It works perfectly, and has been well worth the short wait time. Thanks!!

Cheers, Karl


Brian, Just wanted to feedback on the effects looper you built me. I ordered a 10-channel looper with a master bypass. It works brilliantly! It has cleaned up my tone considerably, and has made an otherwise large pedalboard easy to navigate while singing simultaneously. The quality is great, and the tap tempo switch I ordered is dead silent – a must have for tapping in delay and tremolo tempos! Thanks for the help in deciding what to order, your customer service is impeccable. Everyone who has checked out my pedalboard in the last few weeks has commented positively, and everyone wants one of your loopers.

God Bless,

Matt A – Sydney, Australia.


Hi Brian!

I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know just how pleased I am with my custom Loop-Master. Build quality is top-notch, everything functions perfectly and the unit is dead quiet - what more could I ask for?! Also, the custom reverb/tremolo controls (via TRS cable) work beautifully with my Valverb. I really cannot thank you enough for your willingness to personally lend insight and incorporate off-the-wall functions, especially considering the "off-the-shelf" and impersonal nature of most every product/manufacturer out there. Cheers to you!

I've enclosed a pic of the Loop-Master mounted in my homemade custom pedalboard. It is actually recessed into the pedalboard, sitting at an angle for ease of switching. All wiring (power and signal) is concealed beneath the board and external connections are done via Neutrik-style locking TRS jacks. Needless to say, the LM is truly the KEY element in rig!

Thanks again and keep up the great work!

Brian K.


hi just letting you know i got the 8 channel true by-pass last week, its a fantastic product and has totally changed my tone for the absolute best. it really is a true bypass strip. very easy to use and get used to, every guitarist with more than 2 pedals should have one.

thanks for everything.

Stephen Greer - Solution Live Music Productions, N.Ireland.


Hello, I just wanted to drop you a quick note of thanks for such a outstanding product. It made my pedalboard design come together beyond my expectations. I plan on building a few more of these boards for working guitarists and will be ordering from you again real soon.

Thanks again! - Joe


Hi Brian,

I got my order. I was really impressed with the quality of the boxes, wiring & build. Both the AB boxes & effects boxes work perfectly and are very quiet. I am using an A/B to switch between a Vintage Sound 65 Blackface Twin and a Germino HR-100 Plexi. The effects boxes are switching my two Fulltone TTEs on/off. Was worth the wait!

Thanks - Barnett


Hi Brian,

I received my A/ B /C switch today. I am very happy with it. I wrote my first Harmony Central user review ever and gave the unit a perfect 10.0 across the board.

How am I using it? I play a Taylor 815-CE acoustic, a Gibson Les Paul Custom, and a bass (either Hofner Violin or Rickenbacker 4003) through the same rig: a GNX3000 Multi-Effects unit that goes into either the PA system or a keyboard amp. This allows me to use different amp/cabinet models and effects with the different instruments I play. The Loop-Master A/ B /C switch works perfectly for this setup. There's no pops, hum, static, or unwanted noises: only the comforting click of the switch (which I imagine I will only hear at bedroom volume levels).

Okay: I will quit writing about it now. You can read my review on Harmony Central. I think is the first review written on your A/ B /C switch.

Thank you very much for keeping me informed of the status throughout your process.

Best Regards,

Curt - Alabama


Hello Brian,

My order just arrived and I felt compelled to tell you how pleased I am. I waited until I could afford the three loop pedal with tuner. I am so glad I did as isolating effects pedals in small groups makes a dramatic difference in operational efficiency as I am sure you know. The performance of each grouping is quieter and possesses much more of the original signal. It is like my effects pedals came alive. The best part is I can jump right to total bypass any time for a pristine guitar to amp tone. You have got a great product at a reasonable price. Thanks again

Gary - Massachusetts


just wanted to let you now i got my looper box.& its everything you said it would be. thanks alot.

Bob Williams.


bonjour a loop master

j'ai bien reçu ma triple loop. vous faite du tres bon travail je suis tres content ! cette pedale est magnifique et elle fonctionne super bien .

merci et bonne continuation

moissier - France


Brian, (Referring to Four Loop Effect Switcher with Tuner Out + w/reverb switcher built in)

The pedal arrived and it is perfect. Works like a charm and is exactly what I wanted. Thanks so much!




I wanted to let you know , I just love this Double loop effect switcher [strip] w/ABY outputs, MasterBypass & Tuner out. It is everything that I had hoped that it would be and that rocks because I had very high expectations.

Thank you, Antonio


Absolutely love the 8 switch loopmaster. Really well built and a very satisfied customer here. I have been using it for a few weeks and am just amazed at its functionality. Well worth the wait and the cost.

Phil G.


(Referring to the Four Loop Effect Switcher w/Tuner Out and Master Bypass and Mini Tap Tempo Pedal)

Very pleased! Been using it plenty and it is everything I hoped for. Will surely be doing business with you in the future.

M. Woodward - Australia



I wanted to write you and tell you how happy I am with your product. The custom box you built me is perfect. I have attached some pics of the complete board which is currently entered into the HCFX battle of the boards 07 contest. Thanks to you and Lavacable it sounds great too!!!

Thanks - Aaron


Wanted to let you know I got my looper and it is perfect. I can almost guarantee a few of my "pedal" geek peers here in nashville will see this and want one :) Fine work. It is truly a tone shaping must have!

B. Tabor - (Tennessee)


From the

You can work with Brian with full confidence... I just purchased a custom 5 loop unit with bypass and tuner functionality a couple weeks ago and it is a great unit.

Well constructed, and noiseless operation. Gives me great flexibility and total control of my large pedal board.

Thanks for the great product

Best, - Mike


Hi Brian, just a quick note to let you know the 2 6 loopers have arrived here in Australia and look way better than i imagined, can't wait to rewire the pedalboard to hear the difference they make.

Thanks again for your help best wishes

Jason - Australia


Hey Brian,

I just wanted to say thank you and let you know that the looper works great. I also want to send a pic of my board for your web site when I can. I will not hesitate to send people your way in the future.

Good work!

Mike - (California)

3-24-07: Hi Brian,

I just wanted to drop a quick note to say that I received the bypass switcher and ABY box. They work solidly and just as I hoped for my new pedal board project.

Thanks Again!

Rob Duvall - CA

3-13-07: hi brian,

i just got my effect switcher yesterday, and i know now that i will order some more things from you. the thing is high-quality in every aspect, from building to sound. i am very very satisfied with this tiny little box, and my tone is now closer than yesterday to what i am searching for. thanx a lot!! :)

luis, from spain

2-9-07: Brian,

I have got your ABY Box today. It looks very cool and works very well and transparent (as usual ! ). I am a Japanese recording & live session player living in Taiwan. I can get some loop box or AB box here. But I don't think they are very well done. I really love to use your Loop-Master!!!

Thanks, Brian! Loop-Master the BEST!!!

Eiji - (Taiwan)


Brian, (Referring to a custom order)

Just received the box yesterday and it is AWESOME! Works just as advertised; it has everything that I needed. Thank you again for your hard work and incredible customer support.

Gerry - (Texas)

12-5-06: (Referring to a custom Eight Loop Effect Switcher)

Hey brian,

I love my looper! It is amazing! put it on my board as soon as it got here. I was so impressed by how fast you got it here. thanks a ton!

Jake Adams - (Omaha, NE)

11-30-06: (From a thread at: and referring to the Standard Mini A/B (LED Version)

I just got this little guy from, and what a great little A/B box this is! I had been using a DOD 270 to switch between two amps, and it was terrible! It had all kinds of noise, hum, and pops.... ugh! This new box from Loop-Master is quiet as a mouse! NO POPS! NO NOISE! NO HUM! I LOVE IT! Even though it took three and a half weeks to get it (they custom build as you order), it was worth the wait. So if you need any switchers, a/b, or a/b/y boxes made, check these guys out. They are pretty reasonable and it looks to be extremely well made. And you get to choose what color LEDs you want, so how cool is that?


Brian -

I received my second 6 loop strip as well as pedal board coupler last week. As always, fantastic quality and quick service! I now have 4 of your pedals controlling my vintage effects - they have become a center of my rigs.

Thanks again! Sean - (Seattle, WA.)


Hi Brian !

Brilliant unit - works like a dream ! thanks very much for the quick delivery and turnaround Have recommended you to others already thanks again !!!

Nick Mitchell- (United Kingdom)



I do not think I ever properly thanked you for building such an awesome custom box. I love it. Having the two loops and the a/b switch right there at the front of my pedal board is really working out well, freeing me up to concentrate on playing and singing instead of tap-dancing on the pedals. And with both loops bypassed I definitely notice an improvement in my tone, even though I do use George Ls and most of the pedals are true bypass (or boss style) -- the signal no longer has to travel through eight or nine pedals before reaching my amp.

Thanks a lot!

Eric Wallen - (North Carolina)


Hi Brian

Pedal received safe and sound, thanks. In the meantime I have been using another Loop-Master I picked up 2nd hand. A great device indeed.... I swear my rig sounds so much better now for splitting the chain up and, I guess, taking the tuner out of it altogether.


Niall - (United Kingdom)



Many thanks. I recieved my Clean/Dirty Effects Switcher w/Tuner Out and Master Bypass last week .It works flawlessly and I am amazed at how much of my guitars tone was being sucked out by the old pedals I have been using for years. It is a great product and very well made. I wish you every success for the future.


Glen (United Kingdom)


Hi Brian, I got my pedal today and it is great! I love the tuner out feature, everyone should have one of these. You will be hearing from me and my friends in the future. Keep up the good work.

James Brown (Indiana)



Thanks for the expeditious delivery of my pedals. I opened them up. The wiring & solders are beautiful & strong--reminiscent of the wiring on a naval vessel on which I once trained.

Ryan Pfeiffer (of Captain Yonder)



Incredible work great quality could not be happier. You guys are pros thanks for all the email updates and the cool loopers will send you a picture of my board when I am done. Thanks


Jack (Houston Tx)



I just received the 6 loop effect switcher on Saturday and had it set up on Sunday on my board for church. WOW! My life is easier and tone is restored. The quality is fantastic. I can not wait for my Custom mini to arrive which will control my wah...

Great job - I will BE BACK!

Sean (Washington)


Just wanted to say thanks for the awsome products. I purchased two of the six-loop strips and linked them together to control a bunch of stomp-boxes and even more rack mount effect units. My guitar has never had so much drive with a true clean sound. These units allowed me to switch all my rack units on and off without having to buy expensive and trouble-some MiDi controllers. Thanks again. If anyone has any question about purchasing any products from Loop-Master, feel free to contact me and I tell you how high quality this equipment is.

Chris Penrod, Ohio



hi brian just letting you know i received my loop-master.this thing is fantastic,its cleaned my sound up reduce noise,no popping,led and i have the sweet sound of my fender twin back,thanks a lot and well done for a great product. I will be buying another very soon,these should be on ebay vintage effects sites lots of people dont know the benefits of true bypass. all the best john.. (United Kingdom)


Hey Brian

I have reiceived the Double-Loop Effect Switcher w/Tuner Out. I am impressed. No-nonsense tool-of-the-trade equipment, perfect workmanship and looks nice to! What more can you ask for?


Throstur (Iceland)



Hi Brian

Just to let you know that the Loop-Master unit is performing perfectlly. It has been roughly two months since i have got it and it is, without a doubt, a crucial piece of equipment for my effects switching. It makes it so much easier and that temp button really comes in handy. Thanks again for a great product.


Helder Rodrigues from Portugal.


Hi Brian,

So it has been one month since I got the mini bypass and the double bypass boxes, and I can say that I am completely satisfied with those. I used them a few times with my band, once live, and it actually sounds a lot better since those get rid of four tone sucking pedals such as a dod gonkulator and a whammy: less hum and the feeling of having a really nice, full tone. I also really like how those look on the pedal board with their customised led. And it is always cool to see guitarist from other bands checking out your pedals and being like "Wow what is that, I have never seen it before!". So thanks again, I will definately recommend your pedals to other musicians.


Antoine from Paris, France.



I received the Lopp Box you made for me.I tried it on my rig & I will tell you something (COVER YOUR EARS ,READy WWWWWOOOOOWWWWW AWESOME .I never imagined it would be this good. Everything is so crisp & clean & simple. Thank you so much for solving my pedal board signal nightmare with such a simple solution yet quality product. I will surely recomend your products to anyone that will listen without hesitation. I love everything about this product you sold me ,your company & your kind ,attentive preocupation with fully satisfying your customers. Thanks again Brian.





I had my first chance to use the A/B box last night and it sounds and works Great!! It is nice a quiet and small. Just what I was looking for!!

Thanks for the great work!!

Steve Germain



Thanks man - you totally rock

I got the a/b and dual looper today - that was MUCH faster than expected


Dan Strain Nashville, TN



Your A/B/Y Mini arrived, and it does just what it is supposed to do, simply and quietly.

You build a great pedal, at a great price. I could not have asked for better.





I just received my pedal yesterday. What a fantastic change in my setup! This thing rocks, and I just wanted to thank you for being so cool. You do not find many businesses like yours these days, and I really appreciate the time and care you put into your work.


Cepheus Strachan



Thank you for taking my concept pedal through production. I now have a silent master control on my custom NGM pedalboard. As you recall, the pedal incorporates your ABY, tuner bypass, AB and four loops. Now, I have three instruments on the ready with silent tuning on demand. The AB allows me to harness two amps and even run them simultaneously. With the four loops I switch in or out any combination of a dedicated tank reverb, dirt, modulation pedals, etc. And, of course I can switch them all out of the signal chain whenever I desire. The box is simply great in function. Instead of dancing around a pedalboard, I have needed effects cued and with two or three taps switches guitar, fx, and amp. Just awesome! This box has great build quality and a thoughtful layout, too.

It has been a pleasure working with you on this project. Playing out is more fun as setup time is reduced and the music is more interesting as shifts in genre and style is effortless with this custom pedal. Thanks so much and I will call again whenever I need another box. Afterall, you are the Loop-Master.

Sounds good,

Paul Salbert.


Hi Brian Got my loopmaster last week - am mostly using it to swap between normal and trem inputs on my old silverface pro reverb. It works brilliantly, and the A+B really quacks!

Mind you, the Pro + Marshall mark II 50w is, as we brits say, "really rather nice".

Thanks for a great product.


Paul (United Kingdom)


Hi Brian,

the Loop-Masters arrived today. I am very satisfied. They look good, feel good and you do not hear them, that is all I ever expected. Thanks alot or as we say in Germany: Dankeschön!



"I have been playing guitar and dealing with music people since the early 80s and trust me, Brian knows his stuff and is the most friendly guy you could possibly work with. I kept changing things on him and he still remained helpful and did not whine about anything. Very professional and courteous service. I ordered a totally custom product and he delivered big time and very quickly as well. Thanks, Brian, I will not hesitate to call you when I have any custom switching needs.

Bryan Sutherland San Jose, CA



unit received. everything looks great and it works perfectly. thanks again for making me something a little out of the ordinary. i will send you a pic some time when i complete the board i am building. thanks for good communication too.

take care.

Tom Wagner


Hi Brian,

Got the custom A/B/C box last week and gigged with it at our new dr jones album launch last Fri - I am very pleased.

Silent switching, it is built like a tank, it looks great and it did not break the bank. Your workmanship and customer service are excellent. Thanks also for all the layout & power changes I have requested.

I think my bass player will probably be making a similar purchase in the near future!

Thanks again.

Keith (United Kingdom)


Hey Brian,

Its taken me a few weeks to get back around to thanking you for your stuff, your website, and all-around gift to working musicians. The Clean/Dirty switch is a simple, solid, brilliant product, and I really appreciate your "no problem" willingness to reconfigure the basic design for my own needs. As a harp player, the "tuner out" function would have been unused. Replacing it with a master bypass button means I not only have access to one-step switching betyween the two, I can also go straight into to the amp when the mood strikes, with the same economic motion. At present I am experimenting with a B3 organ sound that requires both an ElectroHarmonix POG, and a Line6 POD. The POD nails the rotary speaker effect, but has no bypass function. Now I can kick in these two effects together thru Loop 1 for the "organ solo", switch quickly to Loop 2 for a call-and-response with "dirty" harp, then hit the Bypass to drop back for clean comping behind my guitarist. And I can keep those rather bulky effects units behind my amp so my stage setup stays clean. Noiseless effortless customized functionality. Beautiful. And the choice of LED colors for specific functions is a small but thoughtful touch that makes it more like "my own little baby." Thanks again for the fast turnaround and professional, amiable, flexible and creative customer support. 11 stars out of 10!

Jeff Gathercole

Denver Colorado


Hello Brian,

Today I received the custom A/B box w/bypass loops you were so kind to design and build for me. Very nice work, Brian. I appreciate your extra effort on this project. It has already been incorporated into my set-up, and will reside there permanently. So cool to be able to switch amps, and then get the effects completely out of the signal path with the loops. My only regret is that I didn not find out about you years ago. I wish you continued success.

Thanks again, Simon.



What a gem this box is....It is allowing me to turn my single channel amp into a 3 channel one. and the "tuner out" adds the perfect touch for tuning on the fly.

(Referring to the "Clean/Dirty Effects Switcher™ w/Tuner Out & Master Bypass")

Thanks again....



Hey Brian,

Just letting you that I received the looper. Thanks so much - it is perfect. Pretty much as I imagined and that is great. I am really appreciate all your help and the quick delivery, I know this is not my last order from Loop-Master. The Tap function works perfect. I am sure other customers will love this feature as well. The Master Bypass function really rocks as well. I had a slightly different idea what this would do but no lie - this way it is even better. This is gonna be the centerpiece of my pedalboard. Once I finish assembling the pedalboard I will e-mail you a picture, maybe you want to include it in your site or whatever.

Thanks again, keep up the great work!