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What are True Bypass Loopers?

True Bypass Loopers: The Ultimate Tool for Guitarists

True Bypass Loopers: The Ultimate Tool for Guitarists

As a guitarist, you spend countless hours perfecting your tone. You invest in high-quality pedals, experiment with different settings, and chase after the perfect sound. However, as your pedalboard grows, you may encounter a common challenge - signal loss and tone degradation. This is where true bypass loopers come to the rescue!

What is a True Bypass Looper?

A true bypass looper is a device that allows you to maintain the integrity of your guitar signal while adding or removing pedals from your signal chain. It essentially acts as a master switch for your pedals, enabling you to toggle them on and off without affecting your guitar's tone.

By utilizing a true bypass looper, you can eliminate the dreaded "tone suck" caused by the capacitance and impedance of multiple pedals in your signal path. This ensures that your original signal remains transparent and unaltered, even when engaging various pedals.

Benefits of Using True Bypass Loopers

  1. Preserves Your Tone: One of the key advantages of true bypass loopers is that they help preserve your guitar's original tone. By bypassing the effects that are not in use, you avoid any unwanted coloration or degradation of your sound. This allows your guitar's natural tone to shine through, providing clarity and articulation to your playing.
  2. Reduces Signal Loss: As you add more pedals to your chain, each additional pedal introduces impedance and capacitive loading, resulting in signal loss. True bypass loopers effectively eliminate these issues by isolating the pedals that are not in use. This keeps your signal path clean and ensures maximum signal strength, allowing your guitar to retain its full potential.
  3. Organizes and Simplifies Your Pedalboard: With a true bypass looper, you can create multiple loops and assign your pedals to each loop. This enables you to group and organize your pedals based on their usage - for example, distortion pedals in one loop and modulation pedals in another. By doing so, you can easily activate or deactivate entire groups of pedals with a single footswitch, keeping your pedalboard clean and manageable.


True bypass loopers are an essential tool for any guitarist seeking to maintain the integrity of their guitar's tone while adding or removing pedals from their signal chain. By utilizing these devices, you can effectively minimize signal loss, preserve your original tone, and keep your pedalboard organized. Invest in a quality true bypass looper, and take your sound to the next level!