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( FALL 2023 ) Yes we are open! Currently working on backorders as well as new orders.

On strips and pedals with a tuner out, is the signal fed to the tuner at all times?

No. When you select "Tune", your signal is routed to the tuner only. Your amp will be muted while you tune silently. If you need it to feed the tuner at all times when off and tune silently when on, we can do this as a special request.

What does the polarity switch on the Mini Tap Tempo do?

Some effects that have an optional tap tempo jack are not always the same. When you connect it to a device, and you press the switch down to set the tempo, it may be backwards to where you are setting the tempo on the upstroke throw of the switch. This is where the polarity switch comes in handy. Just flip the toggle switch and you will now be setting the tempo on the down stroke of the switch.

On a loop strip or pedal, if I leave the receive disconnected and connect the send of a loop to a tuner, can I use a loop for silent tuning?

Yes but, when you are tuning, and using a loop for tuning, it will not be silent as they are not wired for this specific application. You will faintly hear the notes when tuning. If you get a model that has a tuner out on it and you use it for that, bleed-over will not occur.

Has my order been shipped?

If your order was marked "shipped" under your account, you will be getting a USPS email anytime. (please allow up to a week or more in some cases)

Do you accept PayPal payments?

Yes. Details will be in checkout.

Can you paint my switcher in a certain color?

We actually suck at painting but are great at building switchers.

Are your switchers pop-free? Quiet? Etc...

Read our reviews and judge for yourself. These reviews go back years and years.

Do you use a soft switch on your tap-tempo pedals?

They are momentary which are very soft but do have a slight mechanical click to them. I can put a softer switch in them but then I cannot use a polarity switch in them. If you prefer a softer switch, please let me know whether you need a NC (normally closed) or NO (normally open) switch. (soft switches are for use in tap-tempos and stutter bombs only)

What is the mA draw of your switchers?

Power is for the leds only so usually between 2-4 mA's or never even enough to worry about when figuring up your pedal board power.

What led colors do you offer?

amber, blue, green, red, white, yellow, purple, and pink. If you are ordering a switcher with leds, this same list will be at the comments section of checkout for you to choose from. There will be no extra charges for whatever led colors you choose.

Do you offer a warranty?

Yes, all Loop-Master products carry a (3) year warranty for the original purchaser only. If you find that your Loop-Master switcher is faulty within this 3-year time frame, just shoot us an email and we will take care of it. As with all Loop-Master switchers past, present, and future, these are meticulously hand-built and returns are for repairs only.

What is the difference between decals and non-decals or, what are decals?

Decals are the lettering that you see on the switchers. "send", "receive", "loop 1", etc.. Non-decal versions simply do not have any lettering.

Do you install buffers?

No, our loopers are true bypass and we think a good buffer just depends on personal preference, so we don't put any buffer on our products. And if needed, an external buffer would allow you to remain flexible with future signal chain changes whereas if it were installed in a looper, you would be stuck with it in that position.

On your loop boxes and strips with more than one loop, can more than one loop be accessed at a time or just one at a time?

You can activate any single one, or any combination of any number of loops you like. You can turn them all off as well. If you turn them all off, your signal will pass the loop box unaffected. **Loop pedals in the "Specialized Switchers and Routers" section will function differently. See those descriptions for details**

Can you put any jacks on the sides of the strip units?

Not possible. Sorry.

I placed an order and I did not receive any confirmation emails and I am not getting any updates.

If you placed an order and sent a payment, you can be assured that we have received it. If you are not getting any confirmation emails or updates, it may be because the email you registered with is not a valid email or, your spam filter is catching them. We also have encountered issues with email servers on the customer end in blocking these updates. Just log on to your account at and you will be able to view the status.

How does the tuner out work? Does it mute the amp when you select this button? Can it be used as an output to another amp?

You would turn on your tuner and connect one cable from the tuner out on the Loop-Master box to the input of the tuner. When ready to tune, hit "Tune" and your amps signal will be muted and your guitar will be routed to your tuner only which means dead silent tuning. If you want to connect the "Tuner Out" to another amp, this will work fine but all effect loops on the unit will only work for the "Out" jack only.

On your loop boxes with two or more loops, are the loops wired in series or parallel?

They are wired in series as in 1 > 2 > 3 > etc..

Can I get my box painted in a color?

We suck at painting them. Really

Why does it take so long to build and ship these?

Because everyone wants one and to ensure quality control, there is one person building these by hand. Yours truly.

Are all the Loop-Master units in stock and ready to ship?

No. They are all hand-built to order.

Can you make an effect switcher with a blend control?

These are not available at this time. Sorry. If they do become available, they will be listed in the "Specialized Switchers and Routers" section.

Can you make a 20 loop effect switcher?

Yes and we can even make them bigger than that with tuner outputs, master bypasses, aby outputs A/B inputs, clean/dirty sections etc..

On your loop boxes with two or more loops, if I have an overdrive in loop 1, and a chorus in loop 2, and the loops are on, will the signal flow from the overdrive to the chorus? Or, vice versa?

They will flow from loop 1 to loop 2 or, normally as they would without a loop box.

I have X amount of pedals but want to get a looper that has more loops than I need at the moment because I may add more pedals later. Will it cause any problems by not using the unused loops?

No not at all. Just keep the unused loops off at all times and try not to step on them during recording or performance as your signal will be cut. To avoid this possibility, simply patch each unused loop with a short patch cable. (optional)

How do I check on my order?

If you created an account, you can sign in and view its status under your account history. If you checked out via PayPal and did not create an account, go to the front page of this website, click on "my account" at the top right, "log in", and then click "password forgotten". Use the same email you used for buying with PayPal. It will send you instructions on how to proceed. If you do not receive this, please check your spam and trash folders.

Do you accept custom orders?

Some but not all. Feel free to send in a drawing. If it is a unit that consolidates several of our standard units into one, then you can probably be assured that it can be done. If it is a unit that has a wild variety of options on it then either it will take a heck of a long time to layout or I will not accept it due to time restrictions.

Why do you use rivets only on your strip-style pedals?

I did try screws for awhile but due to the many complaints of them not holding as good as rivets, I went back to rivets. (hey hold 100 times better and look better than screws anyways) If you ever need to remove the rivets, it is quite simple. Drill them out with a 1/8" drill bit. Replace them with short screws if you like. Piece of cake.

What is the point of a master bypass switch? I mean, if the loops are true bypass, why do you need that?

This is asked quite a bit. The reason for a master bypass switch is to have an option to kill multiple loops with one switch rather than deselecting them one at a time. Another use is this; Turn the master bypass "on" and pre-select any number of loops and have them ready to go when you deselect master bypass.

Can I cancel my order?

Since all switchers are built to order and started immediately after the order is received, this is not possible. Sorry for any inconvenience.

I would like to add an item or items onto my current order. Will it cause me to be bumped to the back of the line?

Probably not. Just send me an email of your five digit order # and name etc.. and what you would like to add on. CONTACT: (if you are inquiring about an order, you must supply your 5 digit order #. Not your PayPal transaction #)