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ABC output model for sending your effects in your loops to three amps!

The loop-Master™ "Double-loop Effect Switcher w/Tuner Out & Master Bypass & ABC Outputs" (Strip) is a heavy-duty, no-nonsense, ultra transparent, ultra silent, true bypass box with (2) true bypass loops, one switch for silent tuning and one switch for bypassing all of the true bypass loops at once to go to the ABC output section.

USES: Can be used to reveal tone-sucking pedals via A/B selection between your guitars straight signal path and the effect in question or, as a permanent bypass box for your vintage pedals you do not wish to modify internally for true bypass.

EXAMPLES: Run your Wah, Fuzzface, and Tubescreamer in one loop then, use the second loop for your Flanger, Echoplex, Univibe etc.. so you won't be going through as many effects in a row to your amp. Whatever configuration/use that suits you. Great utility box. With this box you can choose one single loop, (either loops) or choose both loops at the same time. Or, click 'em all off and and go straight to the amps or use the "Bypass" switch to get there quicker. Or, Use an overdrive in one loop, and a chorus in the other loop. Go from rhythm to lead to clean in one pedal!!

DIMENSIONS: 14" X 2.2" X 1.6".

LEDS: For the 9V DC Jack, these units require a 9V AC adapter with a Boss/Ibanez style 2.1mm barrel plug. If you do not have one, we have these in the "Accessories" section. (Unit will work without LED's. The LED circuit in any loop-Master™ unit does not affect tone.)