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Dimensions: 3.63" X 1.5" X 1.06"


Split between your amps or combine the two anytime:

Connect your guitar to "Input" on the Loop-Master, connect amp A to "A" on the Loop-Master and connect amp B to "B" on the Loop-Master. Step on the "A+B" switch at anytime to combine both amps. On models with leds, when you are in "A+B" mode, the previous "A" or "B" channel's led that you were on will remain lit to let you know what you will resume back to when you deselect "A+B". You can also preselect "A" or "B" when in "A+B" mode.

Use for silent tuning and/or feed your tuner while playing:

Connect your guitar to the "Input" on the Loop-Master, connect your amp to "A" on the Loop-Master and connect your tuner to "B" on the Loop-Master. You can make any tuner true bypass capable this way. Select "A+B" to tune while you are playing.

Split between two instruments without unplugging:

Connect one guitar to "A" on the Loop-Master and one to "B" on the Loop-Master and connect your amp to "In" on the Loop-Master.

Absolutely no bleedover

Handmade with the finest components possible for superior tone such as point-to-point military spec silver plated wiring, silver soldering, Switchcraft jacks and a heavy-duty aluminum enclosure. No buffers and no tone-sucking BS.

Models with LED's use Boss/Ibanez style 9v 2.1 mm barrel-style adapter for LED power only. Will work without power minus LED indication. Our LED circuits does not screw with your tone.

And also only on models with LED's, you can choose any led colors you like but you MUST list them in the comments box of checkout when placing the order. Choose and assign where you want them. I have amber, blue, green, red, yellow, and white leds. If you don't assign these or list them, we will mix them for you.