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The "ABC Loop Switcher w/Tuner Out" is for players looking to use three effects or three banks of effects and want to play through ONLY ONE effect or bank at any time.

Unit operates as 1 or 2 or 3 and NOT any two of the three. Stepping on the first switch (Loop 1-2) switches Loop 1 or Loop 2 as indicated via LEDS for you. When you step on the second switch, (Loop 3) one LED (1 or 2) will still be lit telling you that when you deselect Loop 3, you will resume back to that previous loop. When you step on Loop 3, you must step on Loop 3 again to resume back to Loop 1 or 2. (It sounds complicated but is the exact opposite. Very easy to use)

All jacks are located on the backside.

Selecting "Tune" will allow the player to tune silently with any tuner connected into the "tuner" jack on the back.

DIMENSIONS: 6" X 2.2" X 1.6".

INGREDIENTS:Aluminum enclosure, 3PDT switches, 22 Gauge Silver Plated Military Spec. Wiring, and Switchcraft jacks.

LEDS: For the 9V DC Jack, these units require a 9V AC adapter with a Boss/Ibanez style 2.1mm barrel plug. If you do not have one, we have these in the "Accessories" section. (Unit will work without LED's. The LED circuit in any Loop-Master™ unit does not affect tone.)