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Plug your 1/4" stereo cable (TRS) into the "In" jack and then connect your 1/4" mono cables (TS) to the other jacks to split both sides of the TRS cable to wherever you want to send it. (works in reverse as well mono y splitter > stereo)

Also works great in addition to our "Clean/Dirty/Channel" switchers and "Single Loop Channel Effect" switchers where your amp may utilize a TRS cable to switch channels but the original amp footswitch has reverb or tremelo on it too.

Just plug a TRS cable into the amp's TRS channel jack and then to the "In" of the TRS - Dual TS Pedal. Then, connect a mono cable up to one of the mono outputs on the TRS - Dual TS Pedal and then to the "Clean/Dirty Channel" switcher's "Channel" jack. If then the Clean/Dirty Channel switcher doesn't change channels, just plug the mono cable into the other jack on the TRS - Dual TS Pedal.

And if you still want to use your reverb or tremelo on your amp, just get another small, single button 1/4" TS footswitch and plug it into the other jack on the TRS - Dual TS Pedal.

Dimensions: 3.63" X 1.05" X 1.06"